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"Keep your heads down!"  she yelled over the sounds of gunfire chewing apart the bar. Slapping a new drum into her tommy gun, Alice came up on a knee and shredded one of her poor pursuers into red mist and chunks

And that was when she saw it. Slipping though the bullets with ease, the creature stood between the groups in boredom, until it noticed the wristwatch in its possession beeping.

Instantly, the creature jumped in panic and ran for the door.  On its way out, the being ran underfoot of one of the thugs and tossed him aside.

'Now what was that rabbit late for?' wondered Alice.
My second 100-Word-Challange.
This one was a bit more difficult because it was so exact. And we can't stick to norms now can we?
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Action filled and fun! Glad you joined in.
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Submitted! Let's see how this goes!
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Wait. We can't stick to norms? Since when? :XD:

I really like that description in the front! Alice is one bad mutha-! :) The rabbit has a great intro, as well; I love that you've updated him a little bit, too. (Is that a digital wristwatch he's wearing?)

Have you been putting up the links to these? It would be difficult for non-deviants to comment, of course, but there might be others around dA submitting, too (like me).
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I've only been posting them here. Are you just linking them back to the challenge site? If so, how are you doing that?
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On each week's challenge page, there's a link that looks like this:
Click here to enter your link which will take you to another page. I will transfer all entries to this page as soon as possible! The "Click here" will take you to a LinkyTools list. In the case of this particular week, it's at [link]. Just follow the instructions on that page. Do remember that the list changes from week to week, though! :)
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Excellent! What happens after the submission?
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It takes about a day or so for the links to make it onto the Challenge page. Then, you just wait for the hits! :D
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