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Shade's Holiday Wishes 2016 by Shade-Duelist Shade's Holiday Wishes 2016 :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 2 0 (Secret Santa) - Blueberry caught a bug by Shade-Duelist (Secret Santa) - Blueberry caught a bug :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 2 7 Soulitude prologue: 'Thanatos' by Shade-Duelist
Mature content
Soulitude prologue: 'Thanatos' :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 2 0
Big Dreams for Big Hearts (Papyton fic part 0)
 “...yeah, bro?”, Sans asked, wondering briefly why Papyrus was calling out to him.  His younger brother had only recently started to train with Undyne, the head of the Royal Guard, in preparation for a job in the ranks of the guardians of the kingdom.  It was a job with prestige, a steady paycheck - and the stars knew how much they needed someone that brought in something steady and dependable instead of the pittance Grillby paid him for selling hotdogs in every part of the kingdom.  Well, that, and he had allowed the two skeletons cheap rent for their home.  Instead of costing an arm and a leg, it just cost something acceptable; not that that made life any easier, what with repairs having to be paid and food having to be bought as well...  Slowly dragging his feet into their living room, he found Papyrus standing near their couch grinning much more broadly than usual.
:iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 7 2
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Can't sleep don't sleep (Horrortale Soriel sinfic) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 5 8
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Good vibrations (Undertale Papyton sin fic) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 7 7
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There's a first for everything (SkelebrosXReader) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 7 9
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Emergency venting (Underfell Soriel sin fic) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 10 3
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I'm gonna take you down (Swap!Papyrus solo sin) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 5 4
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Now you're playing with fire (UT Pap x fem!Reader) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 6 8
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Sweet love of mine (Underswap Soriel sin fic) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 11 3
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Out of control (Underfell Soriel sin fic) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 10 3
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Ride through it (Swap Soriel sin) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 8 2
After the tears (Grillster floof fic)
‘S-she’s gone... she’s really gone...  I can’t believe... the monster of my dreams is... is d-dust now...’  Grillby wiped away some solidifying tears from his cheeks as he looked at his friend, sitting in the empty bar, magic glowing around him only dimly, the magical hands he used for speaking translucent and the sound of them soft and low, and above all emotional.  The funeral had gone by as well as anyone could expect - Fuku had minded little Sans and Papyrus, leaving him and Gaster free to hold the funeral and scatter the doctor’s wife over her favorite object.  ‘...Grillby, dear friend... does it ever... fade?’
“... ... ...I... do not know, Gaster...”, Grillby admitted, looking at his hands.  “...Fire elementals... and all elementals in general, I believe... we do not need... ... ...”  He fell silent again - though ‘silent’ was maybe not the corr
:iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 6 1
Close the night (Grillster floof fic)
“... ... ...”  The bar was nearly empty apart from the figure in the far corner, sitting with a full glass of the finer spirits in front of him.  He’d been sitting like that for hours, not moving, not drinking, not speaking to any of the other patrons, just... sitting there, staring contemplatively at the glass.  Grillby sighed and walked around his bar, sitting down opposite the man.  “... ...Rough day?”
The man’s only response was to raise the glass to his lips and take a sip.
“... ...”  Grillby nodded, getting back up and wending his way to the bar, stopping by the two other patrons on his way over, wordlessly shaking them out of their drink-induced haze just enough for them to realize it was closing time, leaving them to stagger outside.  As soon as they’d gone, the fire elemental walked to the bar, pouring himself a glass of 180-proof liquor and walking back to the table he’d left before, sit
:iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 10 1
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Glowing moment (Edgeberry sin fic) :iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 17 6

Random Favourites

Oh Mein Liebes by DrSnipersMagic
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Oh Mein Liebes :icondrsnipersmagic:DrSnipersMagic 137 68
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Antihero pt. 16 - Instigator
Nick woke up with a wicked backache and a purpose. He was cramped into a funny position on the sofa, with a blanket draped over him and the smell of frying meat hovering in the air. It took a while for him to get in touch with reality, but when the assassin rubbed his face and felt the fresh scab he remembered why the hell he he'd slept on the couch.
Groaning faintly, he got up and stretched. Ellis was in the kitchen making breakfast, and Nick snagged a strip of fresh bacon with a short grunt of acknowledgment on his way to the shower. The mechanic responded with a concerned smile and raked a hand through his damp curls – apparently he'd wanted to get clean this morning, too.
The scalding downpour on his body made Nick feel alive. He stayed there until the steam was so thick he couldn't see the taps, letting his skin turn bright red as the kinks faded out of his muscles. Once the whole building was devoid of hot water he actually started to wash, and let the cold wake him up some
:iconellislash:Ellislash 6 5
Blue cake by Kyandi-charms Blue cake :iconkyandi-charms:Kyandi-charms 79 10 Final Fantasy VI cast by taiuzu2 Final Fantasy VI cast :icontaiuzu2:taiuzu2 36 0
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TF2 - Home Life :iconmagicrat:MagicRat 5 35
Rarity and Sweety Belle by Tanksi Rarity and Sweety Belle :icontanksi:Tanksi 49 9
5. Seeking Solace.
5. Seeking Solace
The sunlight was warm, and calming. Distracting the survivors alertness towards "zombies." They were still walking along the country road as they ventured on towards their next obsticale. But yet, why not look at the vista before them?  Alexis, still a little overwhelmed from the attacks, and the flashback about her witnessing the breakout of infected, looked at the surrounding vista; There was a large hill, that looked to have a decent view of the rest of the area. She thought it would be a good idea if they could see what else is going on. "Hey guys?" She called out, facing the hill. The gang turned around to face her in question, "You think we could go up on that hill?" She asked, "Maybe we could see where we have to go, or to see the activity." She added. Avery nodded, "That's a good idea," She replied, nodding, "Let's go check it out."
They hopped over the wire fence, onward across the grass.
The imagery of the area is described as a country-side road,
:iconshilohthehedgehog:Shilohthehedgehog 0 0

More updates!

Thu Dec 8, 2016, 10:18 AM
Hello my dear followers!

First off, I must apologise for the long, long radio silence.  I've been very busy, a lot of things in my life have been going on!  In chronological order, this has been happening:
- I've applied for a fixed position at my current company.
- I've started talking to a guy online that I met through a dating website and that happened to have many things in common with me - at first I was a little apprehensive because he's from England and I'm not, but I figured there'd be no harm in me talking to the guy.
- I had a job interview for that fixed position at my current company, and secured the job the next day.
- I went to the notary public and got the official divorce papers made and signed.
- I blocked my ex from seeing my Facebook updates, he hasn't sussed it out or he has and he doesn't care.
- I've started falling in love with the guy I met online and agreed to go see him at New Year's this year.
- I started gaming more and writing less.
- I've started NaNoWriMo.
- I developed a serious problem after a teambuilding trip with my co-workers: heavy stomach cramps to the point of preventing me from functioning in day-to-day life.  Went to A&E, got admitted into hospital, and it took 4 days for them to figure out I had a) a lower bowel inflammation, b) a urinary tract infection and c) a large cyst on my left ovary.
- I had surgery to remove the cyst (laparoscopy) which revealed that a) the cyst was not on my left ovary but on my right and b) I have endometriosis.
- The very next day (surgery on Monday Nov 28th, so this is Tuesday Nov 29th) I went to court to get the last paperwork for the divorce signed, everything will be made final (barring freak mistakes and such) around halfway through February!
- I've been at home for nearly 3 weeks, watching Eexecute videos in the morning and doing nothing special in the afternoon, and talking to my boyfriend online in the evenings.  Or gaming.  Or both.

And that basically brings me back to today!  I start work again on Monday - still have to work the glorious total of 8 entire working days (well, actually, 7 whole days and 1 half day on Friday ;3) before my working year is done!  My new job starts on January 6th, after what I hope to be a spectacular holiday season where I first spend Christmas with my parents and two brothers ♥ and then the days preceding and including New Year's with the man I've fallen for.

So, uh, yes, that's pretty much my life.

I know it's a bit early to look back at the year, but hey, Facebook is doing it so why shouldn't I?  I thought all of the changes in my life had already taken place in 2015 - my then-husband finally getting the help he needed, changing jobs to an infinitely better and more rewarding job with great colleagues and much appreciation for my talents, being closer to my family... - but at the end of 2015, things were set in motion that ultimately led to me taking a decision that, the more I look back on it, was long, long overdue.  My marriage was never a healthy one, though it was, to me, always a happy one until I realized I was wasting away.  I haven't regretted anything in my life, which has certainly been tumultuous - you can look back at my journals and see just how many ups and downs my life has had.  I will never regret my marriage, but now the future just looks so much more bright and promising to me now that I'm my own person again, able to live life for myself first and foremost - and someone special along with that, I hope.  Who knows where 2017 will end me? :D

Have a great month of December, you guys!


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~Don't worry, I'll make your last moments... absolutely beautiful! ♥~

...Thank you, Trossi, for this journal layout, I'm lovin' it!

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Rebekka S
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My name is Shade-Duelist. I am a Duelist for this extraordinary deity: Shade by likelikes

I am a woman of not many talents. I love to write - it's my life and joy! I do voice acting nowadays (Undertale, but I'm willing to try on other fandoms as well) and I'm dabbling in remixing again...
I love my watchers because let's face it, they're awesome in their own special ways, all of them. ...I am a wiseass, I have no humor and I am completely and utterly random.

Art... by prosaix Team Fortress 2: Pyro Pagedoll by serpchi

:iconamongststars: Finished works: see my journal entry, up there... :iconamongststars:

Current Residence: Brasschaat, Belgium
Favourite genre of music: Happy Hardcore!
Favourite photographer: TonyCorey (beware: nude photography!)
Operating System: Windows 7
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Wallpaper of choice: The commission I had kytri do.
Personal Quote: "Don't let your legs stop you... dance with your arms, dance with your heart!"

The old archive of fan fictions is at… and there's a new repository at…

All of my fanfiction greatness is also available on AO3: ShadeDuelist's repository - save for a few stories that are only accessible to those that back me on Patreon.



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