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:iconshadazetrapp:Shadazetrapp posted a status
I’m thinking of doing some sonic character commissions like this one… 
I would draw it on paper then color it in MSpaint unless there’s a color gradient that you’d like or if I'm not lazy, then I would color and outline on paper. 
You can tell me specific things you want on the character like species, colors, spines, etcetera. I’ll even do fan kids. I might have a hard time with some but when I think it’s up to my standards I’ll show you, if you don’t like it I’ll put it up for adoption. 
Heads would be 50 points.
full body would be 75 points.
hand colored would be 75 points for a head and 100 points for full body.
colored on MSpaint would be 200 points because I have to do a lot of work for that.

i don’t know where the best spot to ask is so I might just have you put them as a note or if you know a better way please tell me.
Edit- or you could just comment below and I’ll respond if I’m going to do yours.

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