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1.Post these rules
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.

Shadow Black
(my art)                                (:iconoricle-art: drawing)
My have you grown by Shadazetrapp     Commission for Shadazetrapp  by Oricle-Art

Fact 1> Could be considered a demigod because of his mother.

Fact 2> Had his ears pierced for a while.

Fact 3> Was born not hatched like normal pokemon. 

Fact 4> Only pokemon hybrid.

Fact 5> Has a super strong sweet tooth.

Fact 6> Can float but he barely does. (mentioned in bio)

Fact 7> Can eat garlic but not to much.

Fact 8> Immune to sunlight.

BONUS>  Shadows bio(Will add more to extra info at times)
(Is also in this but will put in actual ref when I do it )
Shadow Black
6’0ft aka 182cm
Vampire Pokémon hybrid
Dad: Sebastian Black
Mom: Unknown
Grandma: Sofia Black
Has no real set style but it could be considered punk.
Part time bouncer.
Significant body markings:
Hospitals because it reeks of death to him, the dentist because of childhood trauma, and mirrors because of his distorted appearance in them (appears glitched).
Neutral but does the right thing when needed.
Can transform into any Pokémon except for legendarys and shinys, can teleport to places he’s been (also appears glitched), can use all Pokémon moves except for signature legendary moves, can talk to Pokémon, can go mega if angry enough but passes out after, can call legendarys for aid if close and he kno

I tag :iconcyclone62: (you don't have to do it if you don't want to)
  • Listening to: Shinedown - Oblivion
  • Playing: south park the fractured but whole
  • Drinking: Water
For fun:
Shadow's pokemon
Hydreigon and houndoom fusion (somthing like Cerberus) 
Draw Alex and Spade being emo together

Art trades:

Other things I thought of:

  • Listening to: Teachers
  • Playing: The waiting game
  • Drinking: Water
If a Legendary Pokemon is accidentally knocked out, it will still appear. Once a Legendary Pokemon is caught, it will no longer appear through Ultra Wormholes.
Legendary Pokémon aren’t shiny locked so when you are about to encounter them in the Ultra Wormhole (see below) save and soft reset until you get a Shiny Legendary.

- suicune (need entei+raikou)
- lugia moon
- latios sun
- uxie --- gold body
- mesprit --- gold body
- azelf --- gold body
- kyurem (need reshiram+zekrom) --- pink head spike

- mewtwo
- raikou sun
- entei moon --- black face thing
- dialga sun
- terrakion
- virizion
- reshiram sun
- zekrom moon
- xerneas sun

- articuno
- zapdos
- moltres
- ho-oh sun
- rayquaza (need kyogre+groudon)
- cresselia --- purple body and blue wings
- tornadus sun
- landorus (need tornadus+thundurus)

- groudon sun
- heatran sun
- giratina (need dialga+palkia) --- blue spike and stripes

• Buneary (pink)
• Pikipek (green eyes darker red head)
• Ariados ( pink)
• Zorua (blue)
• Furfrou (black)
• Arbok (gold)
• Braviary (blue)
• Hawlucha Got!
• Cutiefly (pink)
• Petilil (purple eyes)
• Mareep (pink)
• Poliwag( light blue)
• Stufful (gold)
• Goomy Got!
• Dedenne ( brown)
• Electrike (blue)
• Litleo (white ears)
• Swablu (gold)
  • Listening to: Teachers
  • Playing: The waiting game
  • Drinking: Water
(Will add more to extra info at times)
(Is also in this but will put in actual ref when I do it  Shadow Black balance meme by Shadazetrapp)

Shadow Black


6’0ft aka 182cm

Vampire Pokémon hybrid


Dad: Sebastian Black
Mom: Unknown
Grandma: Sofia Black

Has no real set style but it could be considered punk.

Part time bouncer.

Significant body markings:

Hospitals because it reeks of death to him, the dentist because of childhood trauma, and mirrors because of his distorted appearance in them (appears glitched).

Neutral but does the right thing when needed.

Can transform into any Pokémon except for legendarys and shinys, can teleport to places he’s been (also appears glitched), can use all Pokémon moves except for signature legendary moves, can talk to Pokémon, can go mega if angry enough but passes out after, can call legendarys for aid if close and he knows personally, and can float but barely does it.

Main forms:
Human (working of ref but right now I have this  Shadow stuff by Shadazetrapp) Zoroark (ref right now along with mega that I will change eventually  Shadow zoroark ref by Shadazetrapp Mega Shadow ref by Shadazetrapp) (the rest don't have any specific difference except the eye color is red)  Raichu by pokemon3dsprites Umbreon by pokemon3dsprites Lycanroc (midnight) 745 by pokemon3dsprites Haxorus by pokemon3dsprites Typhlosion by pokemon3dsprites Staraptor (male) by pokemon3dsprites

when he becomes mega he losses all his senses and only sees the enemy. Once the enemy is dead he could pass out(usually gets up after 30 seconds). Teleportation takes a lot of energy from him depending on how far away it is.

Blaze Cat

Basic backstory:
Shadow was born into a royal family by his father Sebastian. His father died in a car crash by the arc de triomphe when Shadow was 5. After Sebastian's death his mother, Sofia, became the queen once again. Due to no one knowing who Shadow's mother is except for his father who kept her a secret no one thought he could transform into a Pokemon. The first indecent of this happened when he was in 5th grade at recess, every child freaked out. Soon the principle knew and called the queen, She was astonished to say the least but quickly got someone to pick him up.(His father wanted him to go to public school) After a couple of hours being a zoura he transformed back into a vampire but got taken out of public school for it. After Shadow didn't come to school the next Monday the kids started rumors of him being a test subject. After overhearing his grandma saying it and staying away from him he started to believe it. Once he became 18 and had his transforming ability down he stole enough money to buy a plane ticket to america. He got on the plane with ease due to his resplendence to some other vampires. Once in america he hitchhiked halfway across the U.S. and ended up in St. Cloud Minnesota. He liked it there, it seemed somehow familiar with the busy roads. After some time living on the streets he got a job at a local used furniture store moving around their stock. After working for them for a while he raised enough money to get a apartment. Turns out his new land lord put him with a human named Ike. He was a nerdy kind of guy, brown hair, green eyes, and a somewhat skinny body. His attire seemed pretty basic, a hoodie and some jeans. A month of living together and Shadow vocabulary seemed to consist of a few words, sure, no, and fuck off. With Ike's consistent poking Shadow finally opened up to him, reluctantly I should add. After getting fired for yelling at a costumer a local bar/strip club heard of it and hired him as a bouncer. One day he was working and found a new group at the bar. They all seemed so, so odd to him until one tried hitting on him and her relisted what they were. Except for one. She seemed more modest than the others she came in with, longer shorts, a black tang top and a coat.        To be continued...........

Main Pokémon team:
Gyarados   Gyarados by pokemon3dsprites
Gender - male
Level - 70+
Nature - Docile
Ability - intimate
Characteristic - Strong willed
Item - Mystic Water
Moveset -Dragon rage, Surf, Hyper beam, Ice beam
Notes - Unaggressive for some unknown reason but will attack if told only by Shadow. Shadow’s first Pokémon. Overprotective of Shadow and friends. Lived in a fishbowl for a while until he got to big. Original pokeball was crushed by Shadow but gets a dive ball in the future.
My interpretation:  Shadows Gyarados by Shadazetrapp

Sceptile   Sceptile by pokemon3dsprites
Gender - male
Level - 60+
Nature - Brave
Ability - Overgrow
Characteristic - likes to fight
Item - Miracle seed
Moveset - Leaf blade, Solar beam, Earthquake, Leaf storm(egg move)
Notes - Found as an egg. Gets along only with Gyarados and houndoom because he fights with the others.
My interpretation:

Noivern Noivern by pokemon3dsprites
Gender - male
Level - 70+
Nature - Bold
Ability - Frisk
Characteristic - Likes to relax
Item - Dragon fang
Moveset - Draco meteor, Dragon pulse, Air slash, Hurricane
Notes - Loves a good massage.
My interpretation:

Sneasel Sneasel by CreepyJellyfish
Gender - Male
Level - 60+
Nature - Naive
Ability - Keen eye
Characteristic - Alert to sounds
Item - Black glasses
Moveset - Shadow ball, Poison jab, Dark pulse, Ice punch(egg move)
Notes - doesn’t like Sceptile and will fight him whenever he sees him. Shadow’s working on evolving him but can’t find a razor claw. Likes to make ice sculptures.
My interpretation:

Houndoom   Houndoom (male) by pokemon3dsprites
Gender - Male
Level - 60+
Nature - Quiet
Ability - Flash fire
Characteristic - Thoroughly cunning
Item - Charcoal
Moveset - Flamethrower, Shadow ball, Inferno, thunder fang(egg move)
Notes - Is very loyal to Shadow just like Gyarados.
My interpretation:

Other Pokémon:
Luxray  Luxray (male) by pokemon3dsprites
Gender - Male
Level - 60+
Nature - Lax
Ability - Rivalry
Characteristic - Hates to loose
Item - Zap plate
Moveset - Thunderbolt, Discharge, Hyper beam, Night slash(egg move)
Notes - Can only be used alone
My interpretation:

Deino  Deino by pokemon3dsprites
Gender - Male
Level - Below 50
Nature - Adamant
Ability - Hustel
Characteristic - Very finicky
Item - Dragon fang
Moveset - Dragon pulse, Dark pulse, Hidden power, Crunch
Notes - Was abandon by previews trainer for being to weak, was found at level 20
My interpretation:

- Mainly speaks English but sometimes when angry or annoyed he speaks French under his breath.
- Started school later than normal children because of anger problems.
- Can only carry 5 Pokémon due to being one himself.
- Doesn’t go to anger management because last time he got knocked out with a chair.
- Sometimes growls or hisses when annoyed but tries to hide it.
- Loves insulting t-shirts.
  • Listening to: Down In Ashes- Awake
  • Watching:
  • Playing: ultra moon
  • Drinking: Water
He's super cool and I love it <3  Thank you so muck /)W(\

I can’t read all of the little notes but I’m thinking of changing his hair to the more punk look you’ve drawn. I’ll probably try remaking the one with Gyarados and maybe the rest of his team if I ever setup my drawing pad thing I’ve got a few years back. Overall I love it and will most likely ask for some more sketches /)W(\
  • Playing: Pokémon ultra moon
This is why /all info from\

Melemele Pokémon 
- rowlet
- Datrix
- Decidueye
- Litten
- Torracat
- Incineroar 
- Popplio
- Brionne
- Primarina
- Pikipek Route 1,4,5, and 6
- Trumbeak. Route 5,8,11,lush jungle, Poni grove, Poni plains
- Toucannon. 28
- Yungoos. Route 1,2,4,6,8,kala’e bay
- Gumshoos Route 10,15,16,17
- Rattata. Route 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
- Raticate. Route 10,15,16,17
- Caterpie. Route 1,5
- Metapod. Route 5, lush jungle, melemle meadow
- Butterfree. Route 5, melemele meadow
- Ledyba. Route 1
- Ledian. Route 10,11,17, Malie garden, uiauia meadow
- Spinarak route 1
- Ariados. Route 10,11,17
- Buneary Route 1, poni grove
- Lopunny Poni grove sos
- Inkay Route 1
- Malamar 30 flip ds
- Zorua Route 1. Trader school
- Zouroark poni grove 
- Furfrou route 2, ancient poni path, poni wilds, Hau’oli City 
- Pichu Route 1 (right of house)
- Pikachu Pichu sos
- Raichu. Thunder stone 
- Grubbin Route 1, 4,5,6, blush mt sos
- Charjabug. Blush mountain 
- Vikavolt. Evolve in blush mountain 
- Bonsly Route 1,5, lush jungle
- Sudowoodo Bonsly sos, learn mimic
- Happiny. Route 4 sos
- Chansey Poni plains
- Blissey. Friendship 
- Munchlax route 1
- Snorlax Munchlax sos
- Slowpoke Route 1,15,16, kala’s bay
- Slowbro. Slowpoke sos
- Slowking Slowbro sos
- Wingull Route 1,7,8
- Pelipper. Route 14,15,16
- Abra Route 2, Hau’oli City
- Kadabra. 16
- Alakazam. Trade
- Meowth. Route 1,2 
- Persian. Friendship 
- Magnemite Route 1
- Magneton 30
- Magnezone Evolve at blush mountain 
- Grimer. Route 1
- Muk. 38
- Mime jr. Hau’oli City 
- Mr mime Mimic
- Ekans Route 2
- Arbok. 22
- Dunsparce. Route 2
- Growlithe Route 2
- Arcanine Fire stone 
- Drowzee. Route 2
- Hypno. Poni plains
- Makuhita route 2
- Haryama Poni plains
- Smeargle Route 2
- Crabrawler. In berries under tree
- Crabominable. In snow
- Gastly. Route 1, Hau’oli City, memorial hill
- Haunter. Thrift market 
- Gengar Thrifty market sos
- Drifloon. Route 1 hau’oli cemetery
- Drifblim. 28
- Murkrow hau’oli cemetery 
- Honchrow. Poke Pelago 
- Zubat Hau’oli cemetery, diglett s tunnel
- Golbat Diglett s tunnel sos
- Crobat. Lush jungle golbat sos
- Noibat. Verdant cave (after trial)
- Noivern. 48
- Diglett. Route 5,7
- Dugtrio. Lush jungle, Poni coast
- Spearow Route 2,3
- Fearow Route 10,17
- Rufflet Sun
- Braviary. 54
- Vullaby. Route 3
- Mandibuzz. Poni plains
- Mankey Route 3
- Primeape Poni plains
- Delibird Seaward cave
- Hawlucha. Route 3 
- Oricorio. Route 6
- Cutefly. Route 2,3,melemele meadow
- Ribombee. Poni meadow, ula’ula meadow
- Flabebe. Melemele meadow
- Floette Poni meadow, ula’ula meadow
- Florges Shiny stone
- Petilil. Malie garden
- Lilligant Sun stone 
- Cottonee Sun
- Whimsicott Sun
- Psyduck Brooklet Hill, Malie garden
- Golduck Poni gauntlet, vast Poni Canyon 
- Smoochum. Seaward cave
- Jynx Smoochum sos
- Magikarp Route 7,8,9,13,14,15
- Gyarados. Magikarp sos
- Barboach. Paniola town, seaward cave 
- Whiscash. Paniola town sos
- Seel. Seaward cave
- Dewgong 34
- Machop Ten Carat Hill 
- Machoke Vast Poni Canyon 
- Machamp. Trade
- Roggenrola Ten Carat Hill 
- Boldore. Vast Poni Canyon 
- Gigalith Trade
- Carbink. Ten Carat Hill, vast Poni Canyon 
- Sableye. Carbink sos
- Mawile. Ten Carat Hill 
- Rockruff. Route 1, ten Carat Hill 
- Lycanroc Vast Poni Canyon 
- Spinda. Ten Carat Hill 
- Tentacool Route 7,8,Brooklet Hill, hano beach
- Tentacruel. Route 14,15,16, Poni breaker coast
- Finneon. Route 7,8,14,15,16
- Lumineon. Route 15,16 sos
- Wishiwashi Route 7,8,9,13,14,15
- Luvdisc Route 9, melemele sea
- Corsola Route 9, melemele sea
- Mareanie. Corsola sos
- Toxapex 38
- Shellder. Kala’e bay
- Cloyster Water stone
- Clamper. Route 15, melemele sea
- Huntail. Sos night 
- Gorebyss Sos day
- Remoraid. Route 8,kala’s bay, melemele sea
- Octillery Remoraid sos
- Mantyke Route 8, melemele sea 
- Mantine Evolve with remoraid in party 
- Bagon. Route 3, kala’s bay
- Shelgon. Kala’s bay sos
- Salamence. Route 3 sos

Akala Pokédex
- Lillipup. Route 4,5,6, paniola ranch
- Herdier. 16
- Stoutland. 32
- Eevee. Route 4,6
- Vaporeon Water stone 
- Jolteon. Thunder stone
- Flareon Fire stone
- Espeon. Route 4,6 sos day
- Umbreon. Route 4,6, sos night
- Leafeon Mossy rock
- Glaceon. Ice rock
- Sylveon Give pokebeans
- Mareep. Paniola ranch
- Flaaffy. 15
- Ampharos. 30
- Mudbary Route 4,6,12
- Mudsdale. Route 12 sos
- Igglybuff. Route 4,6
- Jigglypuff. Igglybuff sos
- Wigglytuff. Moon stone
- Tauros. Paniola ranch
- Miltank. Paniola ranch
- Surskit. Brooklet Hill 
- Masquerain Malie garden
- Dewpider. Brooklet Hill
- Araquanid. Malie garden
- Fomantis. Route 5
- Lurantis. 34 sunny
- Morelull. Brooklet Hill, lush jungle
- Shiinotic. Route 11
- Paras. Brooklet Hill, lush jungle
- Parasect Route 11
- Poliwag Booklet Hill, 
- Poliwhirl Malie garden
- Poliwrath. Poliwhirl sos
- Politoed. Raining night poliwhirl sos
- Goldeen. Booklet Hill, Malie garden
- Seaking. Sos
- Basculin. Brooklet Hill, Malie garden, vast Poni Canyon 
- Feebas. Brooklet Hill 
- Milotic Trade with prism scale
- Alomomola Brooklet Hill 
- Fletchling. Route 8, volcano park
- Fletchinder. Sos
- Talonflame 35
- Salandit. Route 8, lush jungle, volcano park
- Salazzle. Sos
- Cubone Volcano park 
- Marowak 28 night
- Kangaskhan. Volcano park
- Magby Volcano park
- Magmar Sos
- Magmortar Trade with magmarizer
- Larvesta Lush jungle
- Volcarona. Sos
- Stufful. Route 8, akala outskirts 
- Bewear. Poni gauntlet, Hau’oli City 
- Bounsweet. Breed
- Steenee Lush jungle 
- Tsareena. Stomp
- Comfey. Lush jungle
- Pinsir Lush jungle, Poni grove
- Hoothoot Lush jungle
- Noctowl Sos
- Kecleon. Dividing peak tunnel
- Oranguru. Lush jungle
- Passimian. Sun
- Goomy. Route 17, lush jungle sos rain 
- Sliggoo Exeggutor island sos rain
- Goodra. 50 in rain
- Castform. Route 17 sos rain
- Wimpod Route 8, Poni breaker coast, dividing peak tunnel 
- Golisopod. 30
- Staryu. Route 7, hano beach
- Starmie Sos
- Sandygast. Hano beach, route 15
- Palossand. 42
- Omanyte. Fossil
- Omastar. 40
- Kabuto. Fossil
- Kabutops. 40
- Lileep. Fossil
- Cradily 40
- Anorith. Fossil
- Armaldo 40
- Cranidos Fossil
- Rampardos. 40
- Shieldon Fossil
- Bastiodon 40 
- Tirtouga. Fossil
- Carracosta 40
- Archen Fossil
- Archeops. 40
- Tyrunt. Fossil
- Tyrantrum. 39 sunny
- Amaura. Fossil
- Aurorus 39 night
- Larvitar. Diglett’s tunnel 
- Pupitar 30
- Tyranitar 55
- Phantump. Memorial hill
- Trevenant. Trade
- Natu. Akala outskirts
- Xatu Sos
- Nosepass Akala outskirts 
- Probopass Evolve at blush mountain 
- Pyukumuku. Route 7, hano beach
- Chinchou. Route 8, akala outskirts
- Lanyurn. Sos

Ula’ula Pokédex 
- Trubbish. Malie city
- Garbodor. 36
- Minccino. Malie city
- Cinccino. Shiny stone
- Pineco. Route 10
- Forretress. 31
- Skarmory. Route 10,17,vast Poni Canyon 
- Ditto. Route 9, mount hokulani, konikoni city
- Cleffa. Mount hokulani
- Clefaity. Sos night 
- Clefable. Moon stone
- Elgyem. Mount hokulani
- Beheeyem. 42
- Minior. Mount hokulani
- Beldum. Mount hokulani
- Metang. 20
- Metagross. 45
- Porygon. Gift from aether house 
- Porygon 2 Trade with up grade
- Porygon z. Trade with dubious disc
- Pancham. Route 10,11
- Pangoro. Sos
- Komala. Route 11
- Torkoal. Route 12, blush mountain 
- Turtonator. Sun
- Houndor. Sun
- Houndoom. 24
- Dedenne. Blush mountain 
- Togedemaru. Blush mountain
- Electrike. Poke Pelago.
- Manectric. Route 12
- Elekid. Blush mountain, mount hokulani
- Electabuzz. Sos
- Electivire. Trade with electirizer
- Geodude. Breed
- Graveler. Route 12,17,blush mountain 
- Golem Trade
- Sandile Breed
- Krokorok Haina desert 
- Krookodile 40
- Trapinch Haina desert. 
- Vibrava 35
- Flygon 45
- Gible. Breed
- Gabite Haina desert sos sandstorm
- Garchomp 48
- Baltoy. Haina desert sos
- Claydol 36
- Golett Sun
- Golurk. 43
- Klefki Thrifty megamart
- Mimikyu Thrifty megamarket
- Shuppet. Thrifty megamart
- Banette 37
- Frillish. Route 14
- Jellicent 40
- Bruxish Route 13, 14, 15
- Drampa mount lanakila
- Absol Mount lanakila, Tapu village
- Snorunt mount lanakila, Tapu village
- Glalie Mount lanakila 
- Froslass Female with dawn stone
- Sneasel Mount lanakila
- Weavile razed claw at night
- Sandshrew. Mount lanakila, Tapu village
- Sandslash Ice stone
- Vulpix Sun
- Ninetails Ice stone
- Vanillite. Tapu village sos in snow
- Vanillish mount lanakila sos in snow
- Vaniluxe. Mount lanakila
- Scraggy Route 16,17
- Scrafty 39
- Pawniard Route 17 sos
- Bisharp Route 17

Poni island
- snubbulll Poke Pelago 
- Grandbull Ancient Poni path, Poni wilds, Poni gauntlet 
- Shellos. Breed
- Gastrodon Poni wilds Poni breaker coast, ancient poni path
- Relicanth poni breaker coast
- Dhelmise Seafolk Village 
- Carvanha. Poni breaker coast
- Sharpedo. Sos
- Skrelp Breed
- Dragalge Poni breaker coast
- Clauncher Sun
- Clawizer 37
- Wailmer Seafolk Village 
- Wailord Sos
- Lapras. Poni breaker coast 
- Tropius Exeggutar island
- Exeggcute. Exeggutor island 
- exeggutor Exeggutor island 
- Corphish Vast Poni Canyon 
- Crawdaunt Sos
- Mienfoo Vast Poni Canyon
- Mienshao. 50
- Jangmo-o Vast Poni Canyon 
- Hakamo-o. Sos
- Komodo-o 45
- Emolga Poni plains
- Scyther. Poni plains 
- Scizor Trade with metal coat
- Heracross. Poni grove
- Aipom Poni plains
- Ambipom. Sos or learn double hit
- Litleo. Poke Pelago 
- Pyroar. Poni plains
- Misdreavus. Poni meadow
- Mismagius. Dusk stone
- Druddigon. Resolution cave
- Lickitung. Poni gauntlet
- Lickilicky Learn roll out
- Riolu. Poni grove
- Lucario Friendship during day
- Dratini Poni gauntlet, poni meadow
- Dragonair Sos
- Dragonite. 55
- Aerodactyl fossil 

Pp = Poke Pelago 

Evo. Items
- dawn stone Poke Pelago Male kirlia, female snorunt
- Deep sea scale. Konikoni city. Clampearl trade
- Deep sea tooth. Konikoni city. Clamperl trade
- Dragon scale. Malie city. Seadra trade
- Dubious disk. Aether paradise. Porygon2 trade
- Dusk stone. Poni wilds, Poke Pelago. Murkrow,misdreavus, lampent, doublade 
- Electirizer. Seafolk Village. Electabuzz trade
- Fire stone. Digglets tunnel, Poke Pelago. Growlithe, eevee, pansear
- Ice stone. Po town, pp. sandshrew, vulpix
- Kings rock. Route 1, ula’ula island fishing. Slowpoke trade, poliwhirl trade
- Leaf stone. Pp. exeggcute, weepingbell, gloom, nuzleaf, pansage 
- Magmarizer. Seafolk Village. Magmar trade
- Metal coat. Poni gauntlet. Onix trade, scyther trade
- Moon stone. Route 13, Haina desert, pp, pickup item. Clefairy, jigglypuff, skitty
- Oval stone. Pp. happiny in sun
- Prism scale. Kala’e bay, pickup. Feebas
- Protector. Paniola town. Rhydon trade
- Razor claw. Tapu village. Sneasel at night
- Reaper cloth. Malie city. Dusclops trade
- Sachet. Konikoni city. Spritzer trade
- Shiny stone ancient poni path. Floette, minccino, roselia, togetic 
- Sun stone. Blush mt, Haina desert, pp, pickup. Gloom, sunkern, cottonee, petilil, helioptile
- Thunderstone. Route 9, ultra plant, pp. Pikachu, eevee, eelektrik
- Up grade. Aether house. Porygon trade
- Water stone route 8, pp shellder, poliwhirl, staryu, lombre, panpour
- Whipped dream Konikoni city swirlix trade

- armor. Pp. shieldon
- claw. Pp. anorith
- Cover. Pp. tirtouga
- Dome. Pp. kabuto
- Helix. Pp. omanyte
- Plume. Pp. archen
- Root. Pp. lileep
- Skull. Pp. cranidos

Z crystals
- aloraichium. Seafolk Village 
- Decidium. Malie garden
- Eevium. Royal avenue
- Kommonium. Plains grotto
- Lunalium. Mahalo trial, lake of the Sunne
- Marshadium. Heahea city
- Mimikium. Thrifty megamart
- Snorlium. Heahea city
- Ultranecrozium. Mount lanakila

Island scan
- charmander  route 3 Sunday     
- Squirtle.        Seaward cave Monday.  
- Onix.            Ten Carat Hill.   Tuesday    
- Horsea.       Kala’e bay.  Wednesday    
- Scatterbug.   Hau’oli city Thursday   
- Bulbasaur.    Route 2 Friday    
- Litwick.       Hau’oli cemetery.  Saturday   
- Ralts.       Route 6 Sunday  
- Spheal.    Route 7 Monday    
- Combusken.  Route 8 Tuesday   
- Honedge.       Akala outskirts. Wednesday  
- Beedrill.       Route 4 Thursday     
- Grovyle.    Route 5 Friday   
- Marshtomp.  Brooklet Hill. Saturday 
- Rhyhorn.       Blush mountain Sunday 
- Swinub.    Tapu village Monday 
- Prinplup.   Route 16   Tuesday 
- Grotle.     Ula’ula meadow Wednesday 
- Pidgeot.   Route 10 Thursday 
- Monferno.  Route 11 Friday 
- Axew.        Mount hokulani Saturday 
- Eeleektross.   Poni grove Sunday 
- Aggron.         Poni plains Monday 
- Rotom.    Poni gauntlet Tuesday 
- Leavanny.  Poni meadow Wednesday 
- Chesnaught.   Exeggutor island Thursday 
- Greninja.     Poni wilds Friday
- Delphox.    Ancient poni path Saturday