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It is watching
Teaching you life
Observing you live
Controlling your life
Teaching you work
Observing you work
Controlling your work
Teaching you death
Observing you die
Controlling your death
Always changing
Never steady
Seeking perfection
Always fighting
Never dying
Seeking peace
Always watching
Never perceived
Seeking the unknown
Trying to escape ?
You will be found
No matter where you are
Trying to resist ?
You will submit
No matter the time it will take
Trying to rebel ?
You will be crushed
No matter how many you are
Yes that's right, little puppet
Don't be afraid, trust me
Everything is going to be fine
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 1 3
Peace never stays too long with this cursed family
Yet each member have tried to keep it selfishly
She was aware of this but still tried to grasp it
It was a big mistake and there was no exit
She can never forget but she can pretend to
So she can remain sane just like the others do
She can run, she can flee, she can feint, she can hide
But she can not escape from her own thoughts and mind
Few are the ones to know, few are the ones who saw
But sometimes she collapses and her mind can withdraw
Darknesses enwrap her, just like a smooth blanket
They warm and protect her, just like a soft jacket
During those short moments emotions resurface
She first smiles then she laughs, she can feel happiness
She screams too then she cries, she can feel sorrow
She is overwhelmed, she struggles to follow
She can hear the voices but can not answer them
She can see their faces but can not recall them
They whisper and they scream, she can not make it stop
They embrace and they stab, she wants to make it
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 7 12
Halloween story (No, not really but who cares)
"Hahaha ! That felt good ! By all means, please continue !"
"Eheheh that tickles !"
"Oh that one was beautiful ! Don't stop !"
"Oh, leaving already ? Please come back tomorrow !"
"That's really nice of you to come so often !"
For the past five days, those were the common sentences he would repeat, the prisoner. They did not understand, could not understand how he could do that. Was this man for real ? Was he even alive ? How could someone like him exist ? Yet, the dilated pupils, widen smile, maniacal laughter were proofs that he did exist. Blow after blow he would laugh. It was beyond their expectations. They knew his reputation, his background, his deeds and so much more. They did not and could not have predicted such resistance, nobody could have.
Some were really starting to admire him for such strength and bravery. Some were getting more worried and scared, seriously thinking of getting rid of him or let him go to not hear him ever again. Others were more patient and were still wa
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 0 0
At his mercy
The woman hates to think about him, about those years, about this weakness. She tried to be careful at first, knew trusting him was idiocy and pure madness, wanted to know what was his real goal. As the well known woman already heard of him before their encounter.
" I do not need your services, begone.
- Really ? I don't want to bother you or anything-
- You are already.

- I have knowledge that may interest you."

Yet, like many did before her, she fell into his trap in spite of her carefulness. And like many others she became a pawn, a valuable and strong one yes, but still a pawn.

" Someone told me you lost a person that was dear to you. Correct ?
- I don't think you can solve this.
- Of course you would think that. Haha after all how many people can bring back the dead ?

Chaya hates that word, he knew it and often called her "my most interesting pawn" just to humiliate her even more. She never should have agreed
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 0 0
Questions and answers
She is seen by many as cruel, merciless, and uncaring. Are they right to affirm such a thing ?
Oh did you hear ? The sound of terror quickly followed by a deafening silence.
Oh did you smell ? The sickening and disgusting parfum of Death.
Oh did you see ? The beautiful and mysterious red river leading to a lone kingdom.
Oh did you feel ? The coldness against your neck asking for the warm liquid of life.
Oh you should have stayed away.
Oh you should have avoided to follow a ghost.
Oh you should have remained ignorant.
Oh you should have thought better but to get in her way.
She is seen by many as cunning, intoxicating and unavoidable. Are they right to affirm such a thing ?
Ah can you hear ? That calm emotionless and cold voice caring whispers of the dead.
Ah can you smell ? That unfamiliar scent mixed with blood.
Ah can you see ? That hypnotizing, icy crimson gaze asking for your life.
Ah can you feel ? That aura of power inherited from the demons of this world.
Ah you could have ignor
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 0 17
Chaya by Shadaze93 Chaya :iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 8 17 Character Spectrum Meme   Blank Template By Surplu by Shadaze93 Character Spectrum Meme Blank Template By Surplu :iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 8 13 Chaya Soleana Doom Reference by Shadaze93 Chaya Soleana Doom Reference :iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 16 14
Monster in the streets
Halloween is the night were true monsters hide themselves within the false ones...
Silently following you like a shadow would, waiting...
It's getting closer...
Chaya and Ignis don't like holidays, that was an obvious fact. They both despise Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and many others, for centuries. To them it was stupid, useless, a waste of time and since some decades only a way to win more money for sellers. Their is however a holiday they tolerate and even maybe enjoy since its creation, Halloween. While they know it is not so different from the others, they can't help but feel some entertainment when 31th October is approaching every year. Firstly, while it is a stupid reason, the atmosphere and originality of this holiday suit their characters. It also makes their job way easier and more enjoyable. Wow ! The blood look so real ! Well done ! Thank you, but someone helped them to get this result. Did you hear that scream ? Man, the guy must have been scared
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 0 0
Chapter 5: Tension
The Navy's ships were getting closer to the pirate's one. Cannonballs were already beginning to fire, most of them missed their targets but still frighting. As the wanted crew was preparing to a what to be seem already lost battle, a woman was giving life as her husband and brother were killing themselves with worry. They still didn't know what was happening up, but could hear how the purple feline was trying hard to muffle her screams. While both knew how strong she was, the fear of loosing her was anchored in their minds deeply and refused to leave them. As both were trying to hide their apparent worry, one decided to engage the conversation.
" I'm actually surprised you actually still care for my wife after she betrayed you and the whole kingdom.
The youngest man looked at the black hedgehog blankly but didn't break the gaze he was giving him. He knew what the other was trying to do and decided to play the game.
- I'm actually surprised you actually care for my sister. I didn't thin
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 2 8
The clock stopped ticking forever ago.
How long have I been up?
I don't know.
I can't get a grip, but I can't let go
There wasn't anything to hold on to though.
Time. She lost track of it for so long now, but she couldn't care less. How many nights did she stay awake thinking of how things could have happened differently ? How many nights did she stay awake thinking of how things SHOULD have happened differently ? IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ! It was so cliché, but she knows she's right. They did everything they could to avoid it, they promised it wouldn't happen. She made him swear and he did the same with her. WHY ? The answer is simple and she knows it. She wasn't fast enough to stop it, and could only watch in horror. Watching in horror one of the most precious things in her life be taken away, acting like a spectator. They shouldn't have become attached, they both knew it. However, they couldn't stop this feeling to grow each time they talked, each time
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 2 10
An interesting evening
Loud techno music, smoke, lights, air filled with alcohol and sweat, it was could seem unusual for this woman to be there despite her contrast personality. She actually enjoyed those places because it didn't matter who she was here. Nobody knew who she was there, nobody knew how dangerous she was, nobody knew how many lives she took in her long one. For everyone believed she was just a pretty girl going out alone a Saturday night, nothing unusual today. Also, rare were the ones who asked her age even when she asked for a drink, which was fine with her, it actually avoided her some lies. She didn't like crowds of people, yes. Neither did she actually enjoyed the proximity she was having with everyone. She loathed that. However, she could forget those facts when it meant she could drink anything she wanted and smoke freely.
Making her way through the mass of peoples, she managed to find a free sit at the bar. The purple haired cat lady didn't miss the looks some boys were throwing her, b
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Soleana's bloodline by Shadaze93 Soleana's bloodline :iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 4 0
Once upon a cold night in a arid place
A lonely shadow was awaiting nonchalantly, back against the wall
White and red clothes with an eagle hood hiding an unknown face
The brown boots were in leather, like the over sleeves, showing a wealth individual
Small clouds of mist escaping the month were the only thing that gave life to this statue
The freezing wind didn't seem to bother this sole solemn soul
After some minutes of a deadly silence, ears twitched, catching someone argue
Moving from its spot, the footsteps were light, silent, fast and artful
Brutally but silently stopping behind an other old wall, head barely exceeding and closely listening
Two men were trying to cover their voices while walking but worry was taking over the oldest who seemed aloof
The youngest was trying to calm the situation, only to each time miserably failing
Seeing they were getting too far, the listener quickly but surely climbed to land on the to be seem unstable roof

And without making a sound
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 0 4
Red and White
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 8 25
Pirate Story part 4
The blue cat slowly awoken from his previous conscious lost, his mind was still dizzy and it took him some minutes to remember the past events. His mind slowly report him what happened some minutes ago, and in shock he rose up. Where was he now ? He checked his environment, small room with some simple golden decorations and he noticed it was slightly moving. So he was in a ship, told himself the orange eyed cat, how strange. Deciding to explore, he carefully opened the door and began to make his way trough the warship. There were many doors, maybe too much for such a ship, suddenly he heard small sounds. He located the source of those sounds and wondered who it could be behind the door, it seemed as someone was in pain. The boy even not knowing who was behind, felt its great powers. Seeing he regained a part of his energy, he created with his hands two little blue flames in case of a fight. Opening slowly the door, he saw a form lying on a king sized bed warped into red blankets. Small
:iconshadaze93:Shadaze93 5 6

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Awesome art by awesome people =w= :heart:


I always thought your art was original, it does not change with this drawing. The different shades of blue you used for the eyes are pe...

The atmosphere is purely amazing. I like the separation between the flowers, the colors, the light that represent life and the coldness...


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