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Hey guys, I just deleted one of my deviations and I just wanna say why for the sake of clearing things up. Now, a pretty long while back, I posted a picture of Underlust Sans on my G+. One of my friends (not saying who for their privacy) expressed discomfort for the fact that the Undertale AU is linked with sexual crap and I actually considered deleting it. They said not to, so I didn't and eventually uploaded it to DA thinking it wasn't gonna be a big deal....and then that friend stopped talking to me normally for the longest time. It really hurt to not talk to them normally for such a long time. I expressed how I felt to them and they explained the reasonings why and part of it was because I uploaded the Sans pic to DA even though they already expressed their discomfort. I felt like a HUMONGOUS ass for it and so...I deleted it

(To that friend: I am so sorry that I made you feel this way, and I promise to not ever do anything related to that AU, or sexual crap, ever again. I hope we can still patch things up and continue to be great friends ^^)

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