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(Questioning Hikari Shouja)
rules: use only ONE of your OC's to question :-3 NOW LET THE QUESTIONING BEGIN!!!

1: hehe....okie what's your full name and nickname?
My full name is Hikari Hina Shouja!

2: worst enemy hooks up with your sibling how do you react?
Pretty simple, I would pretend to be happy for them; then stalk them when they're with my brother to see why they're going out with him :3

3: what's the worst thing you've ever seen as a child?
I dunno.... I saw a dead squirrel a few weeks ago and I look a lot like a child, does that count?

4: what's your favorite food? :-3
Onigiri~ Especially when they're filled with red bean paste~ X3

5: do you have siblings?
Yeah, I have a brother. His name's Makoto; the best brother ever~! X3

6: lets sseeeee.....okie got one!! you meet your creator in real life what do you do?
Give her a really big hug! Duh!

7: favorite color(s)?
I really like pink, orange, red (same color as my eyes), green, blue. I like a lot of colors! XD

8: got any tattoo's or piercings?
No, I don't have any tatoos, (though I really want one). I do have a piercing on my right ear though! :3

9: favorite season?

10: where do you go to think or clear you mind? :-3
I ususally just go to my room to play a game if I'm having trouble thinking.

11: what's your most wanted dream to come true?
To have a little baby of my own! That, and to have a pet kitty

12: do you have anything that you hold dear?
Nothing that comes to mind..

13: ok last one.....if you had anyone that you would want to bring back from the dead who and why?
Me and almost everyone I know are angels, so we're technically dead (except for my friend Sakura). So, I guess me and most of the people I know! X3

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