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What kind of artist are you?

DA Artist [/]
Google+ Artist [/]
Tumblr Artist []
Amino Artist []
All []

What skill do you put yourself/art at?

Hobbyist []
Skilled semi way [/]
Terrible but still improving! [/]
Average Artist []
I'm not an Artist []

What do you do when you draw?

Listen to music [/]
Grab another device and listen to Youtubers talk [/]
Nothing []
Listen to a friend talk []
Stream so others can see your progress! []
Sleep first then wake up with ideas []
Ask others for help first then continue on your way []

How long is your art duration? Like how long it takes you.

1-2 hours []
Half an hour []
A few mins []
3-6 hours []
1 day []
2 days [/]
A week []

What fuels you to draw?

Music [/]
Aesthetics [/]
Coffee []
Nothing []
Food [/]
Movies [/]
Other Artist [/]
Your friends [/]
Fandoms [/]

How long have you been drawing?

From when you was little up till now [/]
Just started []
Started doing so a year ago, or so []
Ever since []
Someone inspired me to draw so.. [/]
You have no idea!~ []

What is your artist name and your nickname to your real name?
(You can skip this if you don't wanna do this part)

Artist name: ShadAmyfangirl129

Nickname to my Actual Name: Kaybug

Actual Name: Kayleigh :3

TAGS (Optional):

YaoiLover113 NicKittyCata Reo-C-Ray-Racheal EvoliGirl11Drawing NekoSugarStar
I've noticed that I havent really drawn or done anything major with her in a little bit. shes my main OC to QwQ. So I’m thinking about doing a little comic series that delves into her bio/backstory. What do you guys think? It’s really hard for me to describe it in a few paragraphs anyways QwQ
I’m already doing one right now with BigBadBabz, but I really wanna do another one after I’m done with the piece I’ll be doing for her. So...anyone interested? It’ll give me a lot of practice :3

~Headshot (10 points)

~Half Body (20 points)

~Full Body (30 points)


~Headshot (40 points)

~Half Body (50 points)

~Full Body (60 points)


~Headshot (70 points)

~Half Body (80 points) 

~Full Body (90 points)


~Sketch (50 points)
~Lineart (60 points)
~Color (70 points)

+5 points if you wish for shading
+5 points for additional characters

Headshot: 5 points
Bust: 7 points
Full body: 10 points

(+5 if you wish for the sketch to be colored and +1 for each character)

Line art:

Headshot: 10 points
Bust: 15 points
Full body: 20 points

(+1 for each character)

Flat: +5
Shaded. +7…
I'm entering a contest for xXxXxEMMAxXxXx ^^…
Link if you wanna enter to
I do have one ready, but I don't know how much it's worth quite yet and I don't know if people are gonna actually wanna use it.
I'm really sorry for not posting Yandere Sim characters for a while, I just wanted to take a little break from it.... I'll come back to it soon though! Don't you guys worry! (Those who like my Yandere Sim pics)
I have my commissions opened once more. I have recently started to get into shading, so my prices have gone up a bit

Commission Prices (Points):

Sketch - 5 points
Lineart - 10 points
Colored (flat) - 15 points
Colored (Shaded) - 20 points

Sketch - 10 points
Lineart - 15 points
Colored (flat) - 20 points
Colored (shaded) - 25 points

Full Body:
Sketch - 15 points
Lineart - 20 points
Colored (flat) - 25 points
Colored (shaded) - 30 points

(+5 points if you want more than one character in a picture)
I've drawn a couple of things today that I'm thinking about posting, but I'm not sure what. Which one should I post first?

My attempt at drawing Emily's full body

A re-draw of Nicole Xarnas (the drawing I did of her for her profile)

Or a pic from an art trade I'm doing with a friend?
I've gotten some ideas of what to go ahead and draw next, but I don't know what to do first.

Should I draw:

-me with my dog Zoey

-anime fanart

-some more YouTube fanart

-Emily cosplaying…
I've thought about doing a challenge pic for a while. (Like 1 minute challenge, etc.) only problem is that I dunno what kind to do. Which one should I do?

Drawing 3 looney toons characters as anime characters (since my art style is inspired by anime and manga. I also just love looney toons)

1 minute drawing challenge (draw anything in under 1 minute)

Or a 3 colored pencil challenge (I color something using only 3 randomly selected colored pencils)

Which one sounds the best to you guys?
After a long while, I've decided to start doing commissions again. My prices are fairly cheap since my art is traditional. (Or pencil and paper) I only accept points for now, but I'm planning on getting Paypal very soon.

Prices (points)

-Headshot (sketch) 5 points
-Headshot (lineart) 8 points
-Headshot (color) 10 points

-Full Body (sketch) 7 points
-Full Body (lineart) 12 points
-Full Body (color) 15 points

-Group (sketch) 12 points
-Group (lineart) 14 points
-Group (color) 16 points
I have done only one commission in the past and that is it. I'm also wondering if I should start doing Paypal commissions (since apparently a crapload of artists on here use Paypal) I don't know what to do about commissions....
I really wanna make some fanart of some of my favorite youtubers, but I can't decide which one! DX which one should I do?
(Also providing a link to their latest vid.)



Guess what is happening this Saturday...? My 17th birthday~! X3 I can't believe I'm going to be 17! (God, I feel like I'm old.. Oh well XD)
I'm going through some minor artists block right now. So I'm not really sure what to draw. I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure on which one to do first..

Beach date (Kyle x Emily or Riley x Nikki)


Me and my friends

Nicole Xarnas' Formal Wear

Some of my other OCs I haven't really shown here


Pokémon (specify which one in the comments section)
Should I do a Q and A thing with my characters? I tried doing one with my characters Nicole and Vinny, but people ignored it... So should I do one with my other characters?