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My Sonic OC- Emily the Echidna  by ShadAmyfangirl129 My Sonic OC- Emily the Echidna  by ShadAmyfangirl129
Well, may as well do a little intro to my Sonic OC Emily
Name: Emily The Echidna
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Echidna
Love interest: Kyle Terega (Orichalcos Sorcerer's OC)
Powers: Chaos Control and the ability to go super (both obtained through unexplained means). As well as great strength (the maximum weight she can carry is 350 pounds)
Maximum running speed: Mach 3
Personality: Occasionally tough, sweet, stubborn, patient, laid back, slightly mischievous
Likes: Training, the outdoors, sweets, her friends, fighting, fruit
Dislikes: Sushi (she tends to gag when she tries to eat it), making mistakes,
Favorite food: Bacon Cheeseburgers
Favorite drink(s): Green tea and cola
Bio: Shortly after she was born, she was abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage. (Her mother was 17 and her father (age 21) was considered too old for her by her mother and they left her there to save face) The orphanage Emily stayed that was very strict and she would usually be hit whenever she refused to do her chores or schoolwork. (Which she would often did, and some workers at the orphanage did protest against it) One friend she had growing up was a stuffed animal, but she lost it after she was caught fighting over it with another kid. (She did have other friends). One day when she was 11, Emily was with other kids she was friends with when they found some rats. They all decided that it would be funny to gather them up and let them loose in the orphanage, which they did. It took a few hours for the caretakers at the orphanage to gather them all up and put them back outside. Once Emily and her friends were found out to be the ones that let the rats in, they were all hit and then sent to bed without dinner. (Some of the other caretakers did sneak them food). Emily had finally had enough and decided to run away. She stole a knife and packed a bag with things she would need before sneaking out a few nights later. After a few days, she somehow found herself on Angel Island. She eventually found a spot near a pond to set up a camp. She eventually ran out of food after a few days and decided it was time to go hunting for food. After a few hours, she had hunted a small pig and cooked it before eating it (she had already learned how to make a fire). After a while, she figured out how to burn wood and other materials together to make furniture. So she was eventually able to make a hut for herself on the island.
Misc.: She has developed a daily workout routine for herself, which does help give her more athletic ability in speed and strength.
(Also does some fighting training)

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