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Alistair the Echidna Profile  by ShadAmyfangirl129 Alistair the Echidna Profile  by ShadAmyfangirl129
(I'd really love to thank @OrichalcosScorcerer and starfirefly for helping me out with this profile for Emily's father. Thanks you guys, your the best! ^^)

In honor of Father's Day today, I'm going to be revealing the father of My Sonic OC Emily the Echidna. Alistair the Echidna! ^^ I've wanted to put up his profile for a really long time and I've worked really hard on it (with help from some friends). I figured it would be best to put it up on Father's Day today, so I hope you guys love it! ^^


Alistair the Echidna

Name: Alistair
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Voice: Probably a deeper version of Knuckles' voice from Sonic X's English dub: (this was the best clip I could find with his voice in it)
-Marie the Echidna (Ex Wife; deceased)
-Emily the Echidna (Daughter; living)
Occupation: Former martial arts instructor (retired)
Personality: Warm but tough.
Likes: Jazz music, smoking (sometimes), cooking, his daughter
Fav. Food: Loco Moco
Fav. Drink: Lemon Tea
Dislikes: people making fun of/hurting his daughter, getting into fights, citrus fruits
Fighting abilities: Is a black-belt in self defense martial arts and a master with nunchucks. Though is now quite rusty from not doing anything related to this for several years.

Bio: Alistair met his wife Marie when he was working as a martial arts instructor at a dojo. She of his worst students. Though being a kind man, offered to help her through extra training sessions at the place he worked. After quite a number of weeks of extra training later, Marie started to get much better. She even started to develop romantic feelings for Alistair, of which he was not aware of until later that year when she gained a yellow belt. After she confessed, he started to develop romantic feelings for her as well and they secretly started a relationship, even secretly getting married about eight months later. But soon after they got married, Marie's mother found out about the relationship and greatly disapproved. (Marie was 17 years of age and Alistair was 20) Not long after Marie's mother found out about the marriage, it turned out that Marie was pregnant with a baby girl. This made her mother furious and threatened to disown both Marie and her child if she were to give birth to her. This made both Alistair and Marie very worried about what would happen if that happened. So they had to make a very difficult choice. Alistair did not want his beloved to suffer for something he believed to be was his fault. So they decided to give up their daughter. After secretly giving birth to a baby girl that they named Emily, they both took their newborn daughter to a nearby orphanage during the night. They left Emily with some clothes, a blanket, a small toy, and a gold-colored locket with a picture of all of them and a small note to Emily inside. They both gave her to the woman running the orphanage wearing disguises, bearing fake news that Emily's parents recently passed away and that she needs a new home to live in. The woman was sad to hear the news, but happily took Emily in. Soon after giving her away, Alistair was forced to split up with Marie due to so much disapproval from her mother. He soon after retired from his job and turned to smoking to help ease his mind off of things. At first, the habit was very bad; but as time went on, it became much more infrequent, now smoking no more than once or twice a week.

Fun fact(s):
-Despite being a warm figure, he will not hesitate on fighting if he is angered...which can happen quite easily.

OrichalcosSorcerer starfirely
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Horseturtle Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018
Does he kno da wae
ShadAmyfangirl129 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Student Artist
No :3
starfirely Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wow that is one cruel mother
ShadAmyfangirl129 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Student Artist
OrichalcosSorcerer Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Student
So basically, his voice is Atem. Gotchya.
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