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the Tool of Justice

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Published: April 16, 2010
"To achieve peace, destruction is delivered. To give the gift of freedom, one promises eternal imprisonment."

I give you yet another Forkrul assail:

What are They?

"Physically unique. In some ways more primitive, but as a consequence less . . . specialized, and so less constrained. Profoundly long-lived, more so than any other species. Very difficult to kill...They did fashion the occasional alliance. With the Jaghut, for example. But that was yet another tactic aimed at reasserting balance, and it ultimately failed. As did this entire civilization."

-Silchus Ruin, From Midnight Tides

Basically they are a race of law givers. very powerful but also very cleanical in their savagery, almost artisticly brutal. For me they embody the ultimate scale of justice, they care for nothing except equilibrium and force all other creations into their understanding of equilibrium.

It took me a while and many many sketches to get the anatomy of the assail just right. as described they are free form demons able to contort into infinite variations of form. most wear nothing but a harness, possess deep frosty darkset eyes and have a luminous skin thats pallid white or grey.

I love how the skin came out. really happy I managed to complete this in good time aswell. Special thanks to all the guys at Malazanempire for their input into my work. You all helped fine tune the characterisation of a forkrul assail. and I am lucky to enjoy the scrutiny.

Well now to go submit, wish me luck!

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I always imagined them wearing something that made them look like a bit loose mummies.
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
V-e-r-b-o-s-e's avatar
Those joins are formidable. Best rendering of a Fork I've yet seen.
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So friggin weird, so friggin eldritch, so friggin cool.
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Great work on those joints, they look very believable. Also a great pose, I can almost imagine how it would move :)
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
thanks man, glad to hear you like it. have you had the chance to read the books?
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I just finished the first one and I reserved the second one at my local library. I'm planning to start reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson while I wait for Deadhouse Gates to come in :D
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Man those joints must have been murder. Very impressed :)
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
yeah they were hard to get right. REALLY complex. thanx though, good to hear from you :)
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You forgot to mention they are really really creepy xD

Good work I like how it almost blends in with the background. ;-)
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, creepy is like their motto or something....
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