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War Council

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Published: February 6, 2014
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The Malazan War Council

Left to right: Brys Beddict The Finadd of the First Empire, Dasem Ultor The Malazan original First Sword, Krughava of the Perish, Onos T'oolan First Sword of the Imass, Fear Sengar, the Edur Warleader and the Mortal sword of Treach: Gruntle

Illustrated in in Photoshop
Full size at 1620x708
Fully digital
Listened to Lorde - Bravado during the concept phase, highly reccomend!

Fanart based off the Malazan Book of the Fallen. All rights to the characters belong to the Authors of the series.
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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
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Great pic! I really like the interpretation of Dassem Ultor (the best drawing of him I have seen). I also like the iron/blueish hue of Fear Sengar's skin and Gruntle's mad grin.
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Heh thanks for the comment. This image was many things working well together, thanks for sharing what you liked most!
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incredible!!! they look amazing!
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Krughava looks a little more manly that I ever imagined, but god damn this is good. Dassem and Fear in particular look amazing. I really like your interpretation of what a Tiste Edur  looks like.
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! Krughava was the toughest to get in. She is somewhat manly in her character and every concept I tried landed up showing her that way.

I've done alot of Dassems in the past so I'd like to say I've gotten better at depicting him but fear is a surprise hit. It's my first time trying an Edur the
way I imagine them and it's kinda worked out.

Thanks for Commenting :D
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Wow ! I really like the look of Fear. It would be amazing if you did one where every Tiste race is represented. Rake for the Andii, Osserc for Liosan and Trull/Fear for the Edur
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
heh yeah, thats been suggested a lot. I'll have to try something with Anomander and Osserc definately. 

Thanks for commenting!
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Even they did not meet in this team, it still sounds really badass.
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Awesome! What a brilliant interpretation of Gruntle.
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Great like always...I've started to like Fear at the end :)
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Sketchy-on-DetailsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats an ideal Fear Sir (that'll probably be the image of him in my head as I continue reading). Really, really good attention to detail on his attire. That caravan guard captain on the right there looks ready to defend against an army of fervor incensed cannibals :iconyoyosarcasmplz:..wicked! Fresh in my mind is Itkovian rushing to confirm the rumors of a man wielding twin swords like tusks only to take one glance at the barbed skin Gruntle and know he was no Sword of Fener :giggle:.
 Stout and decaying Tool the I'mass (yea:iconyoyothinkplz:, thats a compliment actually)and as always your Dassem is inspired brotha! (Thought point) I have trouble imagining Brys Beddict with a smile. Even in his interactions with Seren the most (i believe) he managed was a wry grin (a tragic figure no doubt, but cool). This ensemble is well cast Shadaan San. Of the five I'm familiar with they all had isolation points and some had betrayals in common. Individually and outwardly strong of character but with personal doubts within.

:iconbravoplz: A wonderful deviation Sir! Thank you for sharing:iconyoyobowplz:
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NikitaDarkstarHobbyist Writer
That's a very rough crowd you got there... and by the looks on their faces someone/thing is going to experience some serious pain soon. Great work, it's been a while since I read the books (I need to read the Crippled God, seriously... >.<) so my recollection is a bit off I admit, but as far as I can tell and remember you've captured their personalities quite well. :)
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I have to say its tough to start a new book in this series, even on a high from the last. The beginnings can be...scattered.

The Crippled God is definately worth it in the end though. Read on!

I'm trying to finish OST but I keep getting distracted XD. So I can sympathise :D
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NikitaDarkstarHobbyist Writer
I know right? And they often take quite a while to get through! But I'll probably pick up the Crippled God once I'm done with the Amber series, I'd hate to leave the series unfinished after all. Which reminds me, I need to start over on stonewielder. I didn't find it that interesting and didn't get through it, but it's part of it, so I need to! (At least Esslemont is somewhat easier to read...)
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks man!
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RoseMalignHobbyist Digital Artist
I love everything about this! Brilliant work!
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Glad to know I'm heading in the right direction!

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CH3Karma General Artist
Paw Print (Green) - F2U! 
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
:D Thanks!
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Very cool!
Gruntle is pretty awesome!
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah man thanks for commenting :D
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