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Throne of Shadow

Hey there, This is an artwork I did a while back. I have decided to rework the concept as I wasn't happy with it but that don't mean I cant share it right? so here it Is, The entire crew of shadow as imagine them.

(Clockwise from the left) Gear, Cottilion, Shadowthrone, Edgewalker, Shan and Apsalar
Done on CS5 this time around
I clocked 22 Hours on and off over a month.
Was listening to Castle of Glass during the initial phases, played the Darksouls LP for the rest.

This is work based on the Malazan book of the fallen by Steven Erikson. Its a thick read but really REALLY worth it.
Edit: Links to Wips for the next version:…
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Amazing art, thank you
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Image of the Week. Congrats Shadaan :)
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Thank you so much!

Didn't even realize it was nominated. Thanks guys!
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Gorgeous work, well done. Your Malazan stuff is fantastic.
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This is amazing. Love the depiction of all the characters present, especially Shadowthrone and Apsalar.
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Hood's breath e;origh;sdligj;ldkhngdsiknvisrhgn

This is beyond amazing man!!!!

I like very much the exceptional way with wich you capture/draw Apsalar.
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heh, thank you. I think I liked that most about this one aswell.
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Awesome. Very well done.
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Thanks man! :D
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Heh, thanks :)
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My new wallpaper :D

Very good work.
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Thank you! Check the comments for a link to developments on the next one!
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Very good work, probably one of the closer renderings of Apsalar I've seen. I always imagined the Hounds a little broader, and I'd like to see the Rope's Rope, but those are minor quibbles.
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I felt the same way about the hounds, check the comments box for a link to new developments on the reworking.
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I used to post there regularly. I kinda fell through the cracks when the site migrated.
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