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The Shore

YEDAN DERYG - The watch, getting ready for badassery of the 11th degree. My personal favourite from the last book of the series.

Tried something a little different for the competition at MAG. Done in several steps. Clean lines first after that layered the colour flats and followed up with some edits thanks to :iconluktarig: and :iconzorm: from ME forums. Took me a while to get each step to where I wanted it. Its a bit strange to me but I like it. If I ever get a comic together I think I'd streamline this process for it, just need to work on my proportions and the accuracy of my linework.

Anyways hope you guys like it. Cheers!



{Be current! Crippled God onwards}

Spoiler spoiler


if you think I should do more on this story arc or anyother from the CG just shout and I'll work it into my malazan schedule.


spoiler. :p
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Nice work.  I like the style you chose to show this.
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Your'e welcome.
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darn he was persistant down there fighting liosan and drakes
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hehehe, the best part of it was his attitude. "oh, is that a dragon? better go kill it then...." and off he'd go. 100% Badass
Very nice. That part of the story was very enjoyable. I especially remember Yedan throwing the beheaded head of one of the Liosan lions through the portal. :D
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yeah that sums up Yedan in a single scene. such a great character!
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It gives back really well the 'feeling' of the Shore. You were brave with the colors - the purple is vibrant and 'living'. :nod:
And I like his determined look. (:
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Thank you! Yeah, I played around with the colours quite a bit before I landed on these and for some reason they just felt right.

Thanks for commenting!
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you're welcome! :D

No, seriously, I love this style for you, Shadaan. The colours, the lines, everything, fucking A!
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Heh yeah I think this style is something to keep trying.

I tend to dodge linework like the plague but the results are amazing. Damn now I gotta make an effort and youtube this style to death:P
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yes, yes you must!
Yeah I loved Yedan, he is such a badass! Never surredner


And something with Ges and Stormy would be very nice, maybe their final scene? Or Paran family reunion...or...there is so much great scenes in this book :)
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Whooo boy the final scenes were...everything. I will considered this. Ges and Stormy got pretty epic If you'd like to commission it, I'll be happy to do it as a priority and give it my full attention making a full res download available to you of any particular scene you want. As it is just watch my Malazan thread Artwork+ and I'll try scheme something up.
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Thanks glad you like it :)
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Heh thanks buddy.
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:iconyoyoteachplz:*Note to Malazan fans, you should have this gentleman on Dev Watch..unless perhaps you have the Malazan Art Guild on watch..:iconyoyoscoldplz:but do it anyway!

Yup, I'm feeling the machismo (A.K.A. Badassery):iconyoyocheeksplz:

 I'm gonna short change what I like about this picture and the style used so plz understand if I just sum it up by saying superb, bloody superb! :iconmonkeywhoopsplz:ok...maybe just a little.. solid figure illustration, cool armor and weapon design, enjoy the lighting effect both on the character and the usage overlapping the black outline..superb!

:iconthatsrightplz:Thanks for the spoiler warning in description
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My spoiler Fu has blossomed these past years lol!

Machismo is the order of the day!

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it as I wasn't so sure about this style. I do like it though, I want to get into character boarding and this style translates into some nice character stills.

Hoorah for :icontattersail: broadening the groups artistic range.
Sketchy-on-Details's avatar
Your spoiler Fu is highly refined:iconbruceleeplz: (and for those like me who are behind, appreciated.:iconarigatouplz:)( Update: started The Bonehunters)

Machismo is a great order of the day, especially with a side of noodles :iconyoyoeatplz: :giggle:

New things and uncertainty ride hand and hand, but I wholeheartedly concur with your assessment. Really awesome piece Sensei!

Hoorah for :icontattersail:. She posted a journal in :iconmalazan-art-guild: regarding keeping the Art Nouveau contest open a little longer, or rapping it up ( I voted keep it open, more Malazan art/entries the merrier..well the merrier me, cuz its more Malazan art :iconyoyocurtnodplz: ~confessedly selfish in that respect :iconteheplz:)

this reply affords me the convenient opportunity to revisit this fine illustration ( :iconyoyosecretplz:, thats more selfish behavior on my part. How delightfully self-ingratiating :iconyoyoeyebrowsplz:)

PS~ with just a few experiences in reading them, the Avowed of the Crimson Guard are some immensely formidable folks  (Blues, and Cowl briefly in GotM;Iron Bars in Midnight Tides). Early on in reading GotM I accidentally came across a list of sorts with Avowed members and saw that Dassem Ultor  had killed some. In retrospect, and in recalling what you said about Dassem, it's understandable how you hold him in the highest regard when it comes to Malazan World bad asses. I won't inquire further into details, just wanted to pass along another Thanks (enthusiam is contagious, and i'm infected)
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Dude. Dassem is...actually kinda too over the top, but I think that's what makes him so epic. he is such a flawed human being under the hood...damn, now I need to draw him up again. so much angst in one life time!
Sketchy-on-Details's avatar
having only his accomplishments in battle and title of Knight of Death to go by so far (not including whom I think is Dassem as Traveller) there are bounds to be..ahem :iconahemplz: issues with the man..aaand since I own NOT a gavel:icongavelplz:, white wig, or black robe, nor am I in a position to judge:iconyoyosarcasmplz: :iconteheplz:

Confession..:iconyoyowhistleplz:.. I had to reread this post a couple times cuz I had tunnel vision on this part-->"draw him up again" :iconyoyowowplz:

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