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Spite and Envy - December

This is the December submission for the calendar project

Its a pic of Spite and Envy, "twin?" daughters of Draconus
an Elder God. Both are ascendants, both are power hungry
divas that look incredible and hate each others guts

So the idea behind this pic was to show the beauty of the
two ladies. the sword in the background (dragnipur) keeps
them divided, the lighting highlights their figures.

I enjoyed the colouring and the study sketches i did to get
the posture more or less the way I wanted them

Enjoy :)
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Image of the Week. Congrats =D
Shadaan's avatar
lol uhm????

I mean...I'm sure I can do better 5 years down the road!

Damn! now I need to try redraw this. my OCD is running wild!
PapierowySzczur's avatar
Yes, they are twins.
spothisto's avatar
I can see why the Seguleh follow Envy. And Spite is equally beautiful.
kulezamtima's avatar
hehehe i know where u live ..uhh coming along gud ya
Shadaan's avatar
sooooo stalker tendacies aside thanks bro :D
Lunn's avatar
I love this!
Shadaan's avatar
thanks Lunn, glad to hear it :)
Looks very nice. This is right before they start trying to kill each other?
Shadaan's avatar
heh, When are they not just about to try kill each other?
Dreki's avatar
Very cool!
I love Envy, one of my fav chars!
Shadaan's avatar
I Knew you'd like it! Im thinking of doing another of the two mud?
Dreki's avatar
Lol men >.<
A say trial by fire!
Shadaan's avatar
we can go one better, mud and fire as one. A magma fight! Hot right? Well Erikson thought so... :)
Dreki's avatar
Lol do it!
Dont make me come and crack a whip over you :)
TarienCole's avatar
Nicely done, it's hard to imagine them, because other than their beauty and their hair, little is really said about how they're beautiful.

Never did figure out 'how' Toc resisted her in MOI. :P
Shadaan's avatar
Its a mystery to me too. but then again considering where he ends up he probably regrets doing so :D
TarienCole's avatar
Definitely. Toc definitely knew how to get himself killed...again...and again... :lol:
firstfear's avatar
Nicely done! :) I like the way you've chosen to display them
Shadaan's avatar
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