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Shurq Ellale -

Third pic I did for the calender project

Shurq Ellale is a pirate zombie. a sex crazy pirate zombie.
Read the book and you'll get it.

I had fun working on this and I hope you all
enjoy it.
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Great work!

Interestingly, though it was not mentioned in the books, I've always imagined her as being barefoot. Pirates often go barefoot on their ships for convenience, and zombies also tend to eschew footwear... therefore for a pirate zombie, it would be twice as likely :)
Shadaan's avatar
I like your logic, I may revisit this one, thanks for the comment!
toonspike's avatar
Wow, that would be awesome, I'm really looking forward to this!

I'm a bit unsure about her skin color: cosmetologists did a good job with her, and though she died a long time ago, she is good at pretending otherwise :)
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CiborgYuri's avatar
wow, nice shurq brilliant
spothisto's avatar
Her scenes were always a fun read. Nice work!
Stiriate's avatar
ootooloo rules :D
Shadaan's avatar
yeah, tis awesome :P
TimothyH's avatar
I get it. I thought though that her skin colouring would've been tanned. But, whatever, it works nonetheless. I just finished reading the part where she mentioned her ootooloo.
Shadaan's avatar
lol that ootooloo is some dodgy business I tell ya.

Anyway the skins meant to show her Zombieness better. Was gonna make her extremely pale but it didn't look right. :) glad you think it works.
TimothyH's avatar
Quite welcome.
TimothyH's avatar
Oh yes, that is an awesome picture too boot.
This definitely does justice to the awesomeness that is Shurq.
BrrrGrrr's avatar
a sex crazy pirate zombie! she is such a hilarious character in the books. :D
Shadaan's avatar
yeah, almost as mad as Hellian...almost :)
Sheeeepy's avatar
Dead chicks rule! This is awesome work to :)
Shadaan's avatar
yeah zombies are cool, glad you like it :)
Dreki's avatar
Hah brilliant! I hope you win with this one cos shes perfect :D
I remember first reading about her and being like hurmmm wtf.... but damn she grows on you :D
Shadaan's avatar
well its not a contest, was just for fun. shurq and ublala both kinda grew on me. I might draw em together one day... ;)
Dreki's avatar
Now that would be hawt!
Do it, I vote for that!
: squeee:
Shadowthorne's avatar
Haha, i am so glad she made the project
Gotta love Shurq 8D
Shadaan's avatar
I was surprised she was third to last on the poll, shes a favorite for me
Shadowthorne's avatar
Really? That surprises me a bit too
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