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Imperial Warren Concept

By Shadaan
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For the Competition Running over at :iconmalazan-art-guild:

Much to work on but I kinda feel this is how I "see" the Imperial Warren. Don't worry too much about the figures, though sure a few good guesses have already been made.
I had an idea for a scene but really the goal was to show the environment as was the goal of the competition.

All Crits and Comments are valued and welcome.

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This is a really good piece on it's own.  I just don't see enough doom and gloom for it being in the imperial warren, I always imagined it as desolate place, vision obscured by fog and ash.  Really though, other than the theme I can't critique this, it's a really cool painting.
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great work! it feels like its crying out for some more details or finishing, only beacuse some areas look clearer than others ;)

Its the type of project y ou can go back and 'finish' when you feel like defining more of the less developed areas :)
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I like how the greyish-blue and the salmon(?) colour works together. Great scenery!
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The two figures remind me of Shadow of Mordor, but the landscape is much cooler.
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Awesome use of colour and shape. Undeniably, the formations in the scene are quite hinting and mystical, many objects cut off with their remains detailed and reminisent of a functioning city. With that dull, neglected colour, the city feels distinctly dreary and abandoned, only supported by the snowy blanket that highlights and buries the scene in isolation. The figure as well, his/her high contrast with the snow is highly effective, and the posture is alike quite nice. The background sky and floating shards of earth add a nice touch. Awesome work!
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This is very nice
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