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Imass-Life, warmth, craft

A drawing I did of a flesh and blood imass from the Malazan book of the Fallen.

Not much I'm gonna say but I just ask you tell me what you think works and fave if you like it.

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Second Image of the Week of 2020. Congrats :D
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I think this one is bang on ! The angle of the head reminds me of Bob's "uprising" cover so whats not to like?!!
Anatomy or not, I think you've captured the feel of the Imass!
Thx 4 sharing
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I must say I imagine the Imass bigger -taller and more muscular. Face features and the sword look great, so does his skin tone.
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More muscular I'd definately agree but they were a stocky race, so short is a common trait amongst them. Thanks for your input :) glad to hear from you.
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the stone part of the weapons could be more visible.
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this have originality =)!
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i like dis oneee ..i come in peace :spyed:
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LOL thanks bro :)
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Wow loving it! Great colors and especially the pose and emotion in this piece :D
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The only thing I don't like is the way the weapons look like they are made of metal and not clay (or something like that)...
Everything else is awesome! ^^
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Looks great ^^ Love the pose you gave him
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Thanks! :D and good to hear from ya again :)
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You're welcome :) Sorry for beeing silent for such a long time :) I'll make it up for Ya :)
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