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Finally, Something based on the Crimson Guard. Iron bars facing off against the Storm Riders.

Ironbars is a badass with a capital B. somewhere in-between a zombie, a super soldier and Bear Gryllis. 
This image depicts a scene in Stonewielder that was worth the price of the book. 

The process can be tracked in the video linked below.

Comments and Crits are most welcome.

Fan based Artwork based off the work by Ian C. Esselmont, Stonewielder. 

Please visit the page at @ shdn_studios on Instagram for a steady artwork feed. 
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Just finished Stonewielder and I have to say you capture Iron Bars perfectly (though I imagined him as less angry looking and more depressed). That scene at the end with Iron Bars and Ussu was brutal.
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Iron bars is a hard character to get right. Sooooo much happens to him that it's a bit hard to depict his character. Over everything he comes across as determined. That's what I was going for but if you get angry from this that works just fine too.

And yes Usuu did Bars wrong, he got off far too easy imho.
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Awesome. Stormriders are perfectly done
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Image of the Week of the Wiki. Congrats :D
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Awesome! This makes me very happy, it's been a while lmao! Thanks for hosting the poll!
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And IOTW again. Congrats :)

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Awesome!  Haven't read this one yet.
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You should give it a go! it's got some great storylines, Iron Bars was my favorite but you get Your obligatory marines out to war story and this time a tad bit less treachery which made for a nice change of pace :D
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This is great, man! Haven't read Esselmont's books yet, but, judging by this work it's gotta be a hell of a scene.
Btw, always like to see Iron Bars. Dude is just simply badass. :D
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Cheers, appreciate the comment :D
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This is very cool
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Awesome! Reminds me of an Elder Aquaman betrayed by his own people!
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Not sure how well Iron Bars would fare underwater but the Stormriders would probably approve of Jason Mamoa as the new king of the sea. In my head old Jason Mamoa is Iron Bars in A khal Drogo shaped nutshell. It all works out. :)
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Fantastic work, love it. Haven't read this book, but in BOTF he was amazing.
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Thanks! Glad you like it, in tBotF he really did manage some incredible stuff. He maintains that level of awesome in Stoneweilder. You have something to look forward too. Well that and Greymane.
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