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Empress Laseen and a few of her faithful - Taychren(left), Lorn(right), Possum(back left) and Topper (Back right)

'Some errors in judgement can never be undone,'
p38, Deadhouse Gates

Laseen has always been an allegory of hubris and the fandom opinion of her is...split. She is quite the complicated usurper. Alot of the things she does in the Malazan book of the Fallen one has to wonder about over and over. Each new book revealed an aspect to her characters history and motivations that you didn't quite expect. To this day I can't quite figure her out. She did some remarkably stupid things or perhaps stupidly remarkable things. but it all sort of made sense when considered around wider, worldwide events. I found myself somewhat liking her by Return of the Crimson gaurd so I felt I wanted to portray her the best way I could, surrounded by the empires most ruthless, efficient and loyal servants.

The title is a reference to Laseens core character and the character of the empire she inherited. A raw desire to take, to consume and conquer.

Illustrated in in Photoshop
Full size at 1100x1470
Fully digital 
Listened to:
BLOODSTREAM - Ed Sheeran     (concept)
KASEI - Sawano Hiroyuki          (finishing)

All rights to the characters depicted belong to the Authors of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Steven Erikson and Ian C Esselmont.
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Great stuff. I just love seeing Malazan artwork.
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Never heard of the series, but it looks awesome!
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Well Its a heavy Series of books, 10 in total, but once you're in you're in!

If you are genuinely interested have a read of Gardens of the Moon. Its a tough read but REALLY worth it. 
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I really like your Lorn. The rest look good too.
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Thanks :)

Of the 5 she had the most revisions, getting her right was quite the mission. :D
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