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Hammer Time.

I find that as I get to a certain level I get really scared to upload because its a question of quality versus time I put in. I want to upload more stuff, I have tons of it in the pipeline! Sadly I never feel its quite ready as juggling three jobs eats up ALL of the time. Ever since my picture of Cottilion:

I feel I need to match or extend on that quality but lately that's been difficult for me.

With this however well, things just clicked. I like Caladan Brood as a character and always imagined him a certain way. actually being able to work it up through my process and get the exact image in my head on paper was the biggest reward. I'm not saying this is my best piece but I feel I did it justice for a change. hope you guys like it.



Caladan Brood Fanart from the Malazan Book of the Fallen
by Author Steven Erikson and Co-author Ian C. Esselmont.

It's great stuff, you should read it.
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I've seen several paintings of Caladan, and I sincerely say that yours comes closest to how I envisioned him myself. You created a fantastic piece!
If you haven't read the Kharkanas trilogy yet (this isn't really any kind of a spoiler, so don't worry), you'll get to spend some more time with him :)
This really captures how I pictured Brood while reading the books. I love the erupting geyser/volcanoe in the background, evoking Caladan Brood as the earth shatterer.
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Daaammmmnnn, this depiction easily matches how I picture the guy more than any other...
Nicely done, very nicely done..
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Heh Thanks! yeah Its hard with Erikson, descriptions. They tend to be pretty iffy?

I find the best thing to attempt is to get the feel that this could be Brood and then build up from there.
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Great job on the musculature!
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Awesome!  It's interesting how different peoples' interpretations of the characters are.  I'd always imagined Brood as a sort of clean-cut plate-armored military-looking guy, only huge and beardy.  You've got him full-on barbarian!  
It's really well-done; the rendering of the arm especially.
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Well Brood is an ascendant after all. Image variation is a given.

I think his look could possibly change over time? In my mind Brood must have been in full on furs when he was happily smashing the world apart without restraint. As he became a "Warlord" I guess a little sophisticated armour and such would have come into use. I just always imagined Brood in that hell-raiser, Barbarian setting.
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That's a good interpretation!
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Very cool. This is spot on to how I pictured Brood as well. Also great pick for a Backdrop
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Thanks! Erikson hints at Broods ability to change the map when he lets loose. would be fun to see that. Imagine all the LAVA?
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oh I thought it was just a representation of burns corruption from chaos.
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That could work too! :D
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