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Grrl Power

Fanart of The WebComic "Grrl Power" by :icondavebarrack:

From Left to Right: Harem, Sydney, Anvil, Maxima and Dabbler.

Read all about them here:

Its a great comic, a good blend of humour and action. Dave works hard to up the quality as he works and it just keeps getting better.

EDIT: Minor corrections. 

Shoutout to :iconzorm: for her help in all things human :)
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Lovely nicely done
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Some poor bastard looks at the Colonel and goes 'AUGH, IT'S LIKE LOOKING INTO GOD'S VAGINA!' because of the sun reflecting off her skin.
14Darius's avatar
great pick. everyone looks great. though sydney looks abit wierd. maybe if her face was a bit more rounded not rounded maybe wider. that would probably work the best.
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john22021963's avatar
good work needs more harem
Nice work. They all look good, but I especially like Anvil. She was done quite well. She is what pushed this picture over into something to favorite.
Beautiful work on the girls, especially Dabbler ;)
LJ58's avatar
Outstanding art from one of my all-time favorite webcomics.  You have a gift, my friend.
esotericka's avatar
Sweet!  You really nailed it. 
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SashaW's avatar
I never noticed how big Anvil is, until now.
Tenjen's avatar
this is amazing. i adore the design of the heroes rendered under your style. Specially Sydney
A-Gray-Phantom's avatar
I love Sydney! I'd make her my waifu is she wasn't such a spaz!

But... who I'm curious why she isn't wearing any swimwear/beach clothes.
KnitWitch's avatar
Sydney doesn't do sunlight!
zorm's avatar
Yay you got it done! :-D How's Nanowrimo going by the way?
Shadaan's avatar
I know! a few kinks still here and there but vast improvement from the crit sessions we had :D

Nano went skew when I got recruited to help compose a research paper so I'm gonna need to play catch up. The Sowa story has really started to flesh out though. I know what my protagonist is and the background arcs give a good structure for the setting.
AnimusNocturnus's avatar
wow.... that's a cool piece of fanart.
Shadaan's avatar
Heh Thanks for coming in and commenting, much appreciated :)
AnimusNocturnus's avatar
Heh... I was just writing what came to mind and it wasn't even such a profound comment. I like this plastic look on the girls. It seems like you could feel every ripp on Maximas stomach.
joelsean1966's avatar
I like your version of Kenya(Anvil) better. Sorry, Dave. :(
Shadaan's avatar
Thanks for saying that!

Kenya took me ALOT longer to put together than any of the others, Even Dabbler. Sexiness and muscle are tough to balance. Dave walked me through it so she looks as good as she does majorly from his and Zorms input.
I actually agree with you. She looks far more more like a giant woman versus a guy with a bad weave. 
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