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Fanart of the Malazan Book of the Fallen
All rights belong to the authors

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I love the Deck detail on Fiddler's belt :3 But I am confused on who the sad guy and ginger-hat-wearer are, obviously one is mallet (the hat guy would fit how I pictured him) and the other I can't fit.. my memory is shoddy af, tho :P

edit: oh, CUTTLE! Dang it :D *shame*
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Nice art you've got here. I've just finished reading Gardens of The Moon.

BTW, where's Trotts?
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He's around :D

Thanks for commenting! have you hit Memories of Ice yet?
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I'm reading it now but i can't read too long without rest coz I have fever and cough. Hahah. Hood's breath man! That scene is awesome!

I think you should do A Quick Ben with 11 silhouettes (coz of the 11 souls he shifted to himself). Hahah. Don't know how you'd fit those silhouettes but I think it would be awesome.
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i've got chills . 
Hehe awesome. Mallet looks like he's about to cry or something :P
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Says it all really
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From the Left:

Sorry, Hedge, Detts, Fid, Quick, Whiskeyjack, Mallet, Antsy and Kalam.
Thank You so much, i really appreciate it. Great artwork too!
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My pleasure and thanks for commenting!
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Great Picture! I like the colors you used, gives it a nice atmosphere and you managed to capture the different personalities.

I always find it challenging to come up with convincing armor pieces but you did a good job with it!

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Thank you! Really appreciate that feedback!

I enjoyed experimenting with this and admit to looking at some of your work for reference on colour schemes!
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Bridgeburners, completely insane. Every single one of them. :p
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Yup! Insane is part of the deal :D!

 It's par for the course for every malazan marine in the series. ;)
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Absolutely, and that goes double if you're a sapper! :p
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This is so great! 
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Thanks, Glad you like it!
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This is gorgeous!  Whiskeyjack's armor looks oddly futuristic, but the likenesses of the characters are spot on.
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I know! The ref I used had some pseudo tech dark ages plate thing going on. I thought it was interesting and may have gotten carried away :D.

I got informed by the work of fellow artists over at MAG. Stood on the shoulders of giants as it were. Malazan fan art has a ton of great artists behind it.
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