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Dragon Comp-Silanah vs raest

Silanah (the Red Dragon) holding off Raest (the green Jaghut Tyrant) outside darujhistan.

Basically its a tower versus tower image meant to come alive with tension from the
epic battle about to happen. It was a rush to finish, had fun with it though. tried to show omtose phalleck weilded by Raest and the unleashing of starvald damelin from Silanahs throat.

Its a submission for a competition over at MAG. My first try at a dragon so I tried three or four types before settling on this.

All rights to the characters from the Malazan Book of the Fallen belong to Steven Erikson

EDIT: Rehashed for competition deadline
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How much would it cost for you to create a picture of,
a blond Female Dwarven Cleric of Marthammor Duin that radiates light, 
a celtic hammer head hangs from her single long braded of hair.  (full plate no helm) hammer shield,
and a floating high elf of Ogma with a floating tomb (in blue gold robes) lightning

the green dragon has one bad eye the scene is taking place in its Cave Den (Dank)
its the moment of recognition for the dragon, the mentality of  "I remember you...
You gave me this..." referring to his foggy right eye
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That's an interesting scene! It can be handled in a variety of ways so there are levels to the costing. I can estimate $60 but it depends on what resolution quality you want and what detail you want in setting.

I'd like to refer you to my list of pricing for commission work and explain the quoting process I use. May I contact you via PM to discuss the commission?

We can also discuss further via my commission E-mail address:

This is easier to track. :)
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I sent you an e-mail.
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Hello, thank you.

I sent a response and am currently working on the commission. :)
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Hey man, was wondering hows it going?
Been having some communication issues, if I've missed anything I apologize, but i am available again.
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Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply.

I'm gonna Email you a link to the work I've done thus far. I have a couple of questions...
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np, I've been busy also.

I'm patient.
This is incredibly badass. I love how you managed to convey Raest's aura of power practically shaking the ground. :D
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Almost makes you forget about Tufty doesn't it? :) thanks again for commenting!
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Starvald Damelin is seen on the sky?
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I was feeling rich and wanted a print of this, but it's not one you've got for sale :/ is that cos it was in a competition? Really love the dragon, and of course the books!
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I try not to make prints off Fanart directly related to Authors I respect. I'm sorry, perhaps we can make an arrangement?

I've never bought or sold a full Res Print. Main reason I'm trying to broaden my subject matter. Does it get packaged and sent out to you?

So...Maybe this could work?

I've made the full res copy free to download, feel free to donate however much you like in exchange :)
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Honestly I'm not sure how they do it. All I know is my walls need more dragons! But happy to donate and I'll save it and get it printed if you don't mind :)

what at would you like donated? You mean like points or membership? Or?
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Lol I was talking points but I'm really not hung up on specifics. Whatever feels good to you is good for me too :)

Yes! print and post it on your wall! I do not mind at all! It's exciting for me, I've never taken the time to mount my stuff properly so glad someone will :D 
This is I've been looking for good Malazan inspired art here and you've delivered it to me. You capture the essence of the perfect BA, epic fight. Kudos to you.
I've been looking at your Malazan artwork for a while now. Amazing effort on your part. I love it. This is definitely an epic scene. Your take on Silanah is interesting. I imagined her more lithe and serpentine with sharper, thinner wings, but that wouldn't look nearly as fierce for this scene as your rendition. BTW I love the image of Raest weilding his warren. Definitely looks like it's about to go DOWN.
Braden1199's avatar very, very can feel the power of Silanah as well as the defiance of Raest and his power...arrogance even.
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Thanks alot! I think anyone standing infront of a giant red dragon and not running away is arrogant by default :)
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If memory serves from the book he faced three down dragons in total!
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yeah he faced three soletaken dragons and one big ass angry elient, and he beat them off like flies lol. Jaghut ftw.
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whoa :wow: that is EPIC!!!
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Thanks :) Epic's what i was goin' for!
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I love seeing other peoples interpretations of how Silanah looks. :)
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