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Blacksword Visits

By Shadaan
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We finally finished this piece! Was a happy collab between me and :iconnina-the-tiny: and I loved all the fun we had mixing and matching ideas. Had some great crits from :iconzorm: whom I think really helped us sort out the bugs. I enjoyed working on it. I always learn alot working with fellow malazans.

Myself and Nina liked the idea of Rake taking on multiple Seguleh but we were aware it may not be 100% cannon considering Seguleh traditions. We reduced our original intention of a horde to three or so fighters. with higher ranked Seguleh waiting to jump in. That aside we really wanted the picture to scream dynamic movement and agility so we have the seguleh dodging and diving as rake rushes forward. Nina covered the clean lines and worked out the original colour schemes I kinda went over it and detailed everything, (my main focus was working up Rakes armor and the BG). We tried several arrangements with advise and decided to stick with this.

Early WIPS:

Anyways hope you guys like it! We had a blast. :D
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Serenit-Y Traditional Artist
Very cool : ] - Assume this was Rake's 'Tyring' venture into the land of the Seguleh's. That chapter was funny, could imagine Rake being calmly annoyed/exhausted at their equally calm and relentless combativeness
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Plz🙏 Add this would luv it on a Tee
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Wow really badass, I love how anomander and dragnipur look
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slaine69Professional Digital Artist
Really nice work on this guys
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, We enjoyed the process. Always fun to collab, the results themselves proved I had a grasp on things I didn't think I could manage.

Planning a few more Collabs with friends and fans of the series. :)
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slaine69Professional Digital ArtistFeatured
Awesome stuff man, I think staggering the distance between the characters in the composition really helped to add to the believability of the environment, which is also really cool. 
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InvisibleFrameStudent Digital Artist
Oh. My. God.
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MeesterAdamProfessional General Artist
Hell yeah, love the Seguleh.
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A Drow fighting a clan of Ninja. I like it
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dejan-delicProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice! :nod: :thumbs: Love the entire composition and body positions...everything just flows pretty well. Malazan saga is truly very inspiring for illustrators. :clap: Watching you from now on. ;)
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Another masterpiece. Your art is the premier Malazan fan art !
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TattersailHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap, this is AWESOME! I really love the colours and the lighting, and Rake's armour is badass! I think the masks look really good :)

Nice job! Now, go do more!
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thetinyshilohHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Wahoo!!!!  :D
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
:iconhifiveplz: :D
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ZsoszyHobbyist Digital Artist
You two did a great job with this! I like how this picture 'lives' and how you depicted the 'depth' of the fighting area.
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks Zsoszy!

If those things come across I think we achieved our goal for this project.
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
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Corporal--NobbsHobbyist General Artist
Kick. Ass.
A lot of really cool ideas in this.
Love it.
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ShadaanProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks man! :)

Thanks for your thread based input as we worked it up!
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