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Dont ask me why. 

But as soon as i saw this.

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I like the design on this guy, especially the head.
How is he stoping the bullets magnets?
What kind of weapon is he carrying?
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He stops bullets with some kind of force shield. The weapon he is holding is possibly gauss gun. Or I can explain everithing with one word - magic! x)
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I'm sorry to inform you someone has traced this and uploaded it to their gallery as their own: Rewind by glider700
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Ahahah, this is hilarious!
IdunaHayaPhotography's avatar
I never said it was a good trace :p Or actually recolor in this case
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Of course it's not. It's just made so awful it's priceless)
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Dat be a badass little droid-bot-dude :) I dig the shapes you have going on and, I kinda have an affinity for pointy heads on mecha (clearly from my own work I suppose).

Ace work man!
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Thank you! I've been watching you for a long time, your weapons and mechs inspire me alot)
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You're quite welcome, you have some cool work going on here and my thanks in return :) It's always a nice surprise to hear when your work inspires others to do their own cool work, that's part of the fun of doing it.

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Veeery cool design language
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Thank you C:
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titan fall nuff said
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Also, District 9
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Looks very similar to Banshee from Warframe. Great work :D
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Very nice, you follow a really uniquie and mysterious style. :) Keep going!
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Thank you very much!
I'll try)
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Holy shit that's awesome! Is-is he stopping bullets? Double-awesome!!!!
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