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The Night Goddess [MLP Luna]

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Firewolfy1's avatar
great theme for Luna. very well done
Nateumstead's avatar
She's very beautiful
redhawk1986's avatar
A truly beautiful goddess 
BlasterMasterGuy's avatar
OMG! Beautiful hun! Simply gorgeous!

Any plans to draw Sunset Shimmer? :D
Shad0w-Galaxy's avatar

you know, why not? might draw her next week, now I'm pretty busy with commissions
BlasterMasterGuy's avatar know what would be really cool? Alicorn Sunset Shimmer as the new Princess of the Day along side her wife alicorn Twilight Sparkle as the new Princess of the Night. ;) :D
Shad0w-Galaxy's avatar
I'll think of something cool ^^
TheMercenary04's avatar
sassy and awesome pony are the best

love the detailed particles and background too fren
SuperHyperSonic2000's avatar
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