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G5 Twilight Sparkle

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A quick drawing based on the G5 sketches vvv
815 by Shad0w-Galaxy

I REALLY like how Twlight looks : o

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I think it still same model with previous gen

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Can't wait for g5! I love your artwork. It's really similar to the original idea!

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My theory is that they're going to take the idea that ponies achieve the Alicorn state, and apply it to unicorns and pegasi.  Maybe all ponies are born earth ponies.  If you either learn many spells, or create new magic then you can become a unicorn.  If you perform an act of bravery, then you can become a pegasus. 

Twilight will do both and achieve neither.  She'll feet inadequate for a bit, but eventually she'll find that her destiny is to be an Alicorn again.
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correct ! well done !
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I won't mind if she's gonna be an earth pony tbh. She could be a magitek inventor or something similar instead of a 100% magician
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I don't mind her being an Earth pony honestly, I condone it
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Willing to give this generation a chance.
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I'm okay with this

I really am
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no no non her as a earth pony ! nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Oh wow I adore the colors and your shading!! The shiny bits look really good!
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Ack! Spoilers!  /sigh  Going to be impossible to dodge these.

Twlight Sparkle - NO Spoilers by TomFraggle

Other than that, looks great.
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dont worry, they'll change it for sure, all of these designs are still super work-in-progress, so I doubt they'll keep it
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True.  The same happened to G4 ponies during the first phases of the show.
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Twilight does really cute and awesome but I just can't get behind earth pony Twi. At least give her a hourn or wings, I'm really hoping they change it. Well regardless of how I feel about it, this artwork is absolutely amazing :)
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I actually don’t mind the fact she’s not a unicorn in G5. I mean, we saw her as an Earth Pony during Return of Harmony Part 1.
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yeah, I didn't really like it the first time I saw her, but now I'm completely fine with it
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