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Fight [MLP Twilight]

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Fight [Step by Step] by Shad0w-Galaxy

Time - 5 hours

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well you deserve .........Meow :3 
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She looks so fierce, I love her eyes and the effects are really awesome!
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Ooooohhhh She is not happy and ready to kick some evil ass! XD Beautiful work as aways Kana! ^^ The details and effects are soooooo good! OwO You really are the Queen of effetcs! OwO 
Her eyes are soooo beautiful too! >w< 
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:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS AMAZING, I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME THIS IS!!!!! (can you do a Trixie closeup like this? it would definitely make both of them better, and would be well fitting for it) (p.s. SORRY IM BIASED FOR TWI-TWI :DDDD)
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It's so awesome! la in love 
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My what sharp teeth you have Princess Bookhorse!
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'gets scared like Boo was scared by Sulley'
Sobbing - NaNoEmo14 Day 22 
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