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Ancient Harmony [MLP]

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Godzilla278's avatar
OK three-way fusion
FireDrift-Aventador's avatar
This looks so cool! Amazing artwork ^v^
ToastyWhiteBoy's avatar

I’ve really been liking these six wing design, they look so godlike and unworldly.

DarthWill3's avatar
Way cool! How do you do that?
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Phoenixinthestars's avatar
I love pieces that focus on the thematic significance of things like this. Twilight, the bridge between Day and Night, coming into her own yet never alone.
Shad0w-Galaxy's avatar
hecc ye, I love making stuff with a deeper meaning x)
Animalover99's avatar
Rex0153's avatar
This Is good! But Why Do I Hear Boss Music?
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Villain: Fusion is just a cheap tactic  to ma-*gets annihliated*
Eliestia's avatar
Wow, that's so impressive! Foxtrot - Wow! Great job!
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