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My YouTube Channel is up!

If you want to watch some commentary of my artwork with farther explanations and details as well as a whole bunch of other nerdy things, please feel free to visit:…

Hope to see you there.
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A special heartfelt sincere welcome to any who have stumbled on this art gallery on purpose or accident.
My name is Shad brooks.
I consider myself a comic/graphic/commercial artist and writer from Australia. My specialty is comic book art and my favorite genres are medieval fantasy (a lot inspired by dungeons and dragons), superheros and martial arts. Many if not all my artworks are of my books and stories.

If you're interested in watching some commentaries of my art as well as some other nerdy stuff, feel free to visit my YouTube Channel:…

What classifies something as art is self expression and in my artworks whether it be written or drawn I seek to express the things dear to my heart. These are the things of goodness, call me a romantic but that's how it is. Righteousness, morality, honour, virtue, justice, mercy, truth, honesty, charity, modesty, faith, hope, love, kindness and humility. I embody these principles through my hero's I create, they all in one way or another stand for these things, as we all should.

So please enjoy.
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