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Vered Jericho Sword of Ancient Israel, 600BC STEEL



This is a 3D model reconstruction of one of the most significant archaeological swords ever found, the Vered Jericho Sword of Ancient Israel, one of the earliest steel swords ever found. This sword is exceptional due to the time it was made (600 BC), it's size, material and sophisticated construction.

Link to my video on the subject:…

Excerpt from the Israel Museum Journal of 1992:

Microradiographic x-ray examination and photography of the sword indicate that the hilt, ridge, and the blade were prepared separately and then forged together by hammering. Metallurgical analysis of a sample taken from the blade proves that it was made of mild steel, and that the iron was deliberately hardened into steel, attesting to the technical knowledge of the blacksmith.

Here is the description of the sword as displayed in Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Iron Age Gallery:

This rare and exceptionally long sword, which was discovered on the floor of a building next to the skeleton of a man, dates to the end of the First Temple period. The sword is 1.05 meters long and has a double edged blade, with a prominent central ridge running along its entire length.
The hilt was originally inlaid with a material that has not survived, most probably wood. Only the nails that once secured the inlays to the hilt can still be seen. The sword’s sheath was also made of wood, and all that remains of it is its bronze tip. Owing to the length and weight of the sword, it was probably necessary to hold it with two hands. The sword is made of iron hardened into steel, attesting to substantial metallurgical know-how. Over the years, it has become cracked, due to corrosion."  (Biblical Archaeology Review 12/4 [July-August 1986]: 33, 35)

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I ran a Conan styled game in D&D, and when I gave the party a steel sword which for the setting was a +1 weapon because of the mystical quality the Conan world attributed to steel and iron weapons.(up to and including being able to slay demons where other swords shattered off their hides.) I grabbed this exact image off of google two years back, to show the blacksmith of the party how it was made. Was a great help at the time.

Thanks. : )