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The Sword of Laban from the Book of Mormon


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I have wanted to know what the Sword of Laban from the Book of Mormon would have truly looked like for most of my life and after much study and research I have figured it out, basing my conclusions on authentic archaeological references.

Here is my in depth video on the Sword of Laban where I share in the archaeological information this design is based on:…
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Just saw your YouTube video on this subject. Great content!

When are you going to start manufacturing and selling replicas of the Sword of Laban? I'd totally throw money your way if you did.

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Reminds me of the 'Godkiller' sword from Wonder Woman

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never seen book of mormon ever
i just thought it was a comedy about a mormon, why is there a sword in it?
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*cough* *cough*
Evodolka's avatar
not an expert so i have no idea
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The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture that is used by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, along with the Bible. It espouses itself to be a historical record of a group of ancient Israelites and their dealings with God and wars with other nations. The Book of Mormon Broadway is a parody about the church made by non-members.

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oh yeah, forgot it was a real thing, i thought this was for the comedy theater play thing :D

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sorry, I feel an undeniable need to say that every time I hear that in a conversation since they started saying it a few years ago
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never noticed that happen before
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The Book of Mormon (the play) is about Mormons who have The Book of Mormon (the book) as one of their holy texts.

EDIT: Shad himself talks about it in this video:…
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ok then
now it all makes sense :D
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Now that we know enough Steel for swords existed in the time, I wonder if you had any thoughts of the Bow that Nephi made to replace the horn one he accidentally broke?
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Shad, I'm an illustrator for the church. Is there anyways that I could have access to this 3D model to draw from at different angles? Please let me know.
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Clearly someone like Laban would have unique sword. Afterall it described of being of the finest workmanship and materials. I myself can imagine how it looked.
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Wish I had seen this before I did my Laban painting. Will keep for future reference though!
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One question about the pommel, I know that it is indeed how it is likely made, but for some reason I keep thinking that it would bite into the wrist, how likely was that.

I'm aware it is my own aesthetics speaking rather than true historical usage.

BTW have you taken as shot at Nephi's Steel Bow now that we have confirmed steel usage in Israel of the time period?
That is a neat-looking sword
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I'm not sure that I would make the pins out of gold, but that's cool.
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I was hoping you'd have a copy of the 3D model you used in your clip. Any chance of getting that?
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This is the design I may bring me tears.

Speaking of Mormonism, I was young and did met with 2 local cultists welcomed me, but I rejected their offer to learn more about it. Of course that's nothing to do with swords, but this submission is surely shocked me quite a bit.
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Whoa. That's a blast from the past. I'm going to have to send this to my Mormon friend. He not as interested in swords as I am, but I think he'll like it just the same. If'n you're open to suggestions, might I suggest trying Nephi's bow next? I've seen steel bow specimens from the Renaissance period (iirc), but it might be interesting to see your take on how an enterprising iron-age bowyer might have cobbled one together with the techniques and material available at the time. 
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That would be an interesting study indeed, I might have to take a look ^_^
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Shad what program do you use for these swords ITS REALLY INTERESTING
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