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Tellos, full map, Shadow of the Conqueror

This is the map of Tellos, the setting from my Novel, Shadow of the Conqueror:…
The continent floats in an endless sky, secure there due to the great Darkstone Mantle.
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Love this thanks for the map. Makes it much better when listening to the audiobook to know where stuff is in relation to eachother for my mental image. Awesome work!

Why did you put highdawn, one of if not the most important city on the continent, at the edge of the map? Unlike on a normal world where coast is beneficial for trade here such a large city should be in the most furtile and perahps defensable area because trade is not a consideration at all except distance by air. So a better location for Hamarahas historical capital would have been Daybrake or beetween Daybrake and Highdawn.

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Sky continent. They probably have some measure of air travel, out of necessity.
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Cool map how did you make it may I ask? I was drawing one but this looks great!
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Also interested in knowing which map maker program was used

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Can humans travel between the flying continents
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Yes. There's sky ships in this world with which you can fly between the floating islands.

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crazy how many cities there are at the borders of the continent. one would expect for them to be at least a bit farther away. and now I notice that there seem to be none in the shadowlands. does the world not know much about them and you are waiting to reveal them, or is it that you are still building this world? also, is there any news about a spanish edition?

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I'm guessing they're where the conqueror went... pure guesswork though.
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This is such an amazing map! It almost has the same shape as India 
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Thank you for the map. I cannot wait for book 2. This was such a good read. 
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What happens to the water from your rivers? Does it fall somewhere? And if it falls, why doesn't other stuff fall as well?

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Everything that falls off the continent falls for a day and then lands back on the continent

Are their other continents in your world? I can't remember if your book answered that.

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What I find really odd about this map is that there are villages and settlements built in the permanent shadows of Azbanadar and Orden. Who in their right mind would build a settlement in a place with permanent shade in this world?

And also, since the Shadowlands is supposed to be the part of Tellos that is self-shaded by the continent how comes there's no shadow over the Shadowlands in the map to the right?

PS. Oh and one more thing I've been wondering about. Where on the map would The Plummet be?

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Yes yes yes yes yes YES !!

I haven't your book....Yet but your videos on worldbuilding, historical fantasy and realistic settings are a really big help for my own work
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