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PALADIN OF 1930S, Stable Diffusion AI conversion



Another character that I've had in concept for years, but never got around to drawing out properly. This is the Paladin of the classic age of superheroes in my superhero universe, who held the powers before the young woman who receives them in the modern period. The mantle of the paladin is passed on to another worthy individual apron the death of the current bearer. This paladin received the powers during the renaissance, hence why his holy garments reflects that period - large cuffed boots, tights, high collared cloak, a black flaring coat under a single breastplate worn more for ornamentation. This paladin has been serving the Holy oaths in the shadows for hundreds of year, mostly hunting out and killing superpowered individuals abusing their powers to prevent the destruction of ancient times. He has worked with Freya, who comes to be called Warrior Woman, many times, to destroy evil superpowered people. he is very sceptical when the Superhero appears and starts to publicly flaunt his powers, claiming to help people, but is eventually convinced that the Superhero is sincere and is not a threat.
The Paladin's powers make him one of the most dangerous superheroes in the world, able to turn the tide of entire battles with his mere presence, which is what eventually leads to his murder, and the mantle stopped from passing on for another forty years before the next Paladin arises, and leads a rebirth of the Superhero cause.

I added simple block coloring to my concept sketch, to give the AI a color guide, and then followed the same process as I will explain.
First thing, I DID NOT ACHIEVE THIS RESULT WITH A SINGLE GENERATED IMAGE. A lot more work is required to have the final image match the original artwork as close as possible, while also giving the AI enough freedom to add in lots of new details and new artistic styles. The final image is a composition (compiled in photoshop) of the best results out of HUNDREDS of AI generated image conversions from the original artwork. Sometimes you get lucky and the AI generates a mostly complete image, but more often you need to pick the best parts from the images it makes.

After the image is constructed in photoshop it is processed through the AI once more with little freedom for the AI to change it too much, which generates a high resolution version and merging all the compiled elements with greater details added. After this I make some final edits and touch-ups in photoshop for the final version.

I'm having great fun with AI generated art, specifically converting my original art into a much higher quality version. This has been really satisfying and great for making concept images for my future Graphic Novel publications.
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Dude why did you turn you prideful character into marvel slop number 5. Before he looked like a character who took insperation from history and after he looks another cape with another latex suit...