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Minecraft Diamond Sword REDESIGNED!

By shad-brooks
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A realistic redesign of the classic Diamond Sword from Minecraft.
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Beautiful design.

Personally, I think that in the canon of minecraft, the swords would look more like broad swords, my reference is the texture packs with higher resolution.

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Beautiful! You should try redesigning the master sword. Anyone else agree?

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Could you critique and/or improve it?

Img 20191117 145038
Img 20191117 145048
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One question. Is it sunforged?
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Iron core for durability and resistance, diamond edge for lasting cutting power, the blade is much lighter than pure iron sword allowing for much better control.
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Shadiversity does the impossible, makes the most iconic and awesome of swords even more awesome.
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I came here from the Diamond Sword Video. I watch you for so long and never knew you had DA! AH!

I love #2!
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I also love the 2nd design!

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Honestly, my favourite crossguard design is the third one with the bowed, thin guard. All around though, this has to be a wonderful redesign of the blade. 
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To each their own!

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Looks so cool :squee: looks very unique with a blocky edges :D

But now i wonder, could Shad design a sword a MLP:FiM could wield with his mouth... i'm really intressted what design principles he would apply :rofl

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It's really interesting idea. I've never seen anything other than generic sword hold in mouth which doesn't really make sense with pony. Maybe something double bladed for each side and special hilt to fit mouth? And about fighting style I think the most effective would be slashing on the run, because they will never be able to do all these manouvers with the sword. Now I want to see it too.
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Also i think earth ponys would not really need sword, they have super strength and enhanced durability. ^^;

Pegasii and Unicorns could use Wings or Magic to wield swords...

still some Pony would surely go for swords for coolness.

And Pegasii wielding swords with Wing-Hands is a entirly new topic :D

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Imagine if someone made this irl.
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It might happen sooner than you think. I've got a friend who's done real-life recreations of RWBY weapons, and I could see them trying to re-create this one because they're also a real sucker for Minecraft.

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