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Hogwarts from Harry Potter

A Sketchup 3D model exported to DAE that outlines the basic layout of Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry. The full model can be downloaded here.
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Heey, just asking, you the guy from the youtube channel on swords?
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Yep, he's Shadiversity.
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It's Magic I Ain't Explain Sh*t: The Architecture
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I just wonder which is supposed to be the Ravenclaw Tower!
I've heard it's one of the square cathedral towers
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Well made as always! Does this mean that there’s a new video coming out about the practicality of the design of Hogwarts?
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That was a while back.
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If you took that into real life how much damage would it do to itself, what do you guys think?
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Have you even seen the Burrow?? This is perfect architecture compared to that.
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I havent ill check out though
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Much of it would collapse instantly.
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Then cause even more to collapse
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I never did like how overblown this place is, so many unpractical design choices...then again thats Harry Potter- a series of bad descisions.
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Well it is a school , not so much a fortress. also they all got flight things.
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That dosent really matter, we got modern aviation and ballistic missiles today, that hasn't made building a wall around a military base obsolete. Rowling was clearly going for the Ye olde timey-whimey British whimsey and wanted to the put them in a castle, the problem is she literally did not do anything besides make Hogwarts a "castle".
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"Castles" were technically defined as military bases if it makes you feel better she cant design a good battle one either heres info on why XD…
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Well 1, magic. Four powerful wizards wanted a place to look cool and inspiring. Alternatively, it was a castle until later generations of wizards made small modifications over time to make it more appealing and wondrous for students.
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I agree, though more out of personal taste. It's a tad too whimsical for my taste.
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Hey so is Neuschwanstein but at least that place wont collapse in on itself the minute it is built. I honestly thing that Rowling's though process was as follows "Oh well, there wizards so can't put em in a normal school...letseeeee.....hmmm....Blimey I got it! I will put em in a castle! It's gonna have big towers, pointy rooves, a wall and those square things on the tops of the walls castle's got....teeth :D"

The woman could've done better research considering her natioinality, but then again that is not the only and the biggest problem that the HP franchise suffers from as a constructed narrative.
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That's true. But even so, it would be hypocritical of me to say that it should never be done to make a castle in fantasy impractical in real life.

One castle that would be impractical in most areas is that castle in my short story Blind Evil. It's really big, and is in the middle of the desert, with no crenelations, but rather a metal railing. It has several impracticalities, due to its size, its location, and defenses that, given the nature of what desert warfare would likely be in the setting up against humans, then the defenses are utterly useless.
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Well that depends, I just dont thing Hogwart's overblown-ness is of that much use.

The only thing I can say about yours is that the paraperts sound a bit too exposed.

Also remember clean water source! And dont drink the stockpiles of wine, actually dont stockpile at all! As a bunch of sorry crusaders learned the hard way.
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but they're wizards.  whimsy comes with the territory.
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I get that, I'm just saying that it's not really for my palate.
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