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He man sword redesign

A redesign of the Power Sword from He Man
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Hey Shad, did you know that the upcoming reboot of He Man now has his sword resembling one of your iterations here?

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I'm not sure about the guard. Looks a bit too long and delicate at the ends.

I'm currently trying to design my own version of the sword of power but have it combine with the sword of protection to make a single sword of Greyskull. A bit like how the toy swords that cam with He-Man and Skeletor joined together.
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I know you don't like the "balls" on the original... however... with my very limited "Paint" program, I took the liberty of adding something! (VERY CRUDELY - I know this is just for the purpose of giving you an idea or what I mean) Shad? What do you think of this idea? Could you refine it? Notice the Quillon diamond... the Guard diamond, and the oval at the tips of the guard. This is so rough I'm a bit embarrassed, but I don't have anything other than "Paint" at the moment.

Rough Try1
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Also... on the pommel... if you go with the diamond theme... This is from the Baltimore Knife and Sword company... they did Seasons 2 and 3 of RE Forged on the AWEme channel on youtube...

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Yeah that's great but, what about dragons?

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Huh...I think it would be better if it was hand and a half(bastard) sword length. The pommel seems alright, except for that lip. Have it be a rounded "acorn" pommel all around instead of a beveled flat. Oh...and the tapered handle where it's thin at the bottom...I know you think it looks pretty, I think so too... But it looks weird for He-Man's sword...
What if it did not taper in and then flare out right above the pommel? Perhaps...the handle could be more..."feather" shape? Or perhaps I mean "coffin" shaped?...Ooooohh~...Wait...wait, Shad, wait...What if it tapered in the middle?

Just throwing that out there.
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This looks awesome!
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May we please have a version of this on a white background for printing?

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heh, never even knew shad had a DA account :o
looks cool by the way
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Chad, you all your on YouTube also Because you then can put this mess a message. love video I your but feel removing balls the also a of sword's a too I have least the down the as nod the design the Sword.
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hmm good redesign I myself also being a huge Heman fanboy back in the days. Also had some mixed feelings about his sword. I mite actually try and make an remake design of Heman himself with your sword design in mind.

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that's very noice.
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had no idea you had a DeviantArt account, good to know.
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Came here after watching the video, really like the redesign. Also, been on here (lurking only, as I sadly have 0 artistic talent) and have been a YouTube sub of yours for years... had no idea you were on here. =)

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I actually like the cross guard section of the movie sword. Sure it could be thinner, but it keeps the balls, but makes them look more reasonable. I agree they look a bit odd on the original, but if you want it to have the same recognizable aesthetic, why remove them, lol? Just take the movie crossguard, flatten it, and stretch the upper balls alongside the ricasso and your good.

As for the size of the blade, I do agree that it makes sense for He-Man to wield a much bigger sword, but someone else pointed out that it's important for it to be wieldable when he's just Prince Adam as well and easy to carry. Given that it's a magical sword, why couldn't it change it's form alongside Prince Adam's form? It could be a smaller one-handed sword most of the time, but when he transforms it could become a massive two-handed sword!

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I think it changed shape in the 2000's show, for that very reason.
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Thats neat! I would personally keep the tip as the original and maybe add those spheres at the ends of that guard on either sides. 
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dang it, I came across this here while I was in the middle of watching the video you made about this and I just spoiled the video for myself xD
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