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HONORGUARD, The Castle of Morane


Animated video of Honorguard:…

Honorguard is my tribute to the awesomeness of historical castles and to a lesser extent classic fantasy castles too. There are two fantasy elements in this design, the primary tower (The Donjon) and the large feature windows on the secondary tower. Fantasy castle designs like this are inspired by architecture outside the medieval period and they’re accentuated more than they were historically, yet they still could have been built with medieval technology.

Everything else in this castle’s design is very historically authentic and functional, with a concentric layout, accurate battlements (Including MACHICOLATIONS!), several gatehouses with multiple portcullis, drawbridges and murder holes. The bailey comes complete with stables, barracks, soldier’s mess, blacksmith, well, granary, tiltyard, animal pens and wood shelters. The main keep is fully designed internally on each level, fully defended with battlements, entry halls that are kill zones with false floors and murder holes, guardrooms connected to the outer walls that are internally separated from the living and administration areas. The undercroft has a dungeon, treasury, cesspit, a cistern, and oubliettes. The servant’s floor has a large kitchen bedrooms and storerooms. The main floor has several feast halls, a great hall and a chapel. The family floor has the Solar, dining rooms and some bedrooms with more bedrooms above, all with their own fireplace. On the highest floor of the main keep before the two towers is a grand Ballroom.

The model was made in SketchUp.

Render done with the Twilight render plugin.

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Very impressive work, Shad. Slainté
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Finally finished it?
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It's a beautiful castle!!!