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Originally inspired by my desire to make a traditional medieval fantasy cleric.

When looking for cleric reference artworks, all I found were fantasy designs that were exaggerated so much, that I couldn’t recognise the medieval basis for which they should have been founded on. This is the same with most of the medieval fantasy artwork out there. I see clothes and armour designs that could not possibly have existed in history. I understand that it is fantasy and there are numerous ways to explain the unique items, but these would cover a minor few, not every character in the medieval fantasy world. I sometimes ask myself, whatever happened to the medieval in medieval fantasy?

As to clerics. Historically there were no battle clerics in the medieval fantasy sense. A cleric was another name for a priest and any person who received an office in a church such as deacon, priest or bishop. I believe the medieval fantasy image of a cleric evolved from historical religious militaristic orders such as the Templar order and the Teutonic order. They were generally soldiers of some breed (and some were actual monks); they took vows and donned robes over their armour. This is where the robes mostly featured on clerics comes from.
I feel the robe is one of the strongest identifying features of a cleric and I could not settle for anything less the authentic. I’m very happy with her armour. It’s mostly historically accurate and I love the ornate details. It’s funny that the mace is so strongly associated with the cleric (thanks to dungeons and dragons), when historically they were not used over any other weapon, the sword was actually the most common. Still I couldn’t bring myself to give her a sword. The mace has ingrained and identifies itself too strongly with this character type (See, I do bow to fantasy over medieval when I feel it’s appropriate ^_^).

Her name is Vesta Rehmella. She’s an important character in my book but comes in after the first three I’ve planned to write. She comes from the kingdom of Sve’dan, an old rich and powerful nation, very corrupt. Raised in an abbey most of her life due to an uncaring father. Knighted in opposition to the sexual restrictions of her day. Socially praised when she killed her father but was inwardly inconsolably shamed. Returned to the abbey intending to spend the rest of her life in penance. Then received a call to fight evil for the church and hoped this would gain her forgiveness.
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Pretty big and long for a mace... looks like a staff with a mace head, are you sure its not some obscure RL variant that only you know about?
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EFAP brought me here:XD:
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I love this mace, I think ill try and make it out of steel lol
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I've seen this drawing years ago and i loved the style, last year I found your youtube channel in the most random way, a few months later i found out you were Jazza's brother (whom i was following for quite some time), today i randomly found this drawing again (came here from the castles video) and found out its yours... Life is fun sometimes! haha, love your work and your knowledge mate!
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Oh wow. She can end someone rightly for sure with that thing...
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Love that weapon
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Love it! 
As a long time D&D player, but also growing up Catholic, I believe (don't quote me, not THAT sure) maces and morningstars were associated with clerics due to holy water sprinklers. Initially, and often today, this consists of a metal ball on the end of a handle that you dip in holy water and sling around to send droplets of holy water onto worshippers or an area you wish to consecrate. I believe at one time, people got the bright idea that you get a better spread pattern if you add protrusions to the ball...spikes. And if a priest in a church needed to defend himself, it was on hand. :D
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This is absolutely amazing, although I do have one inquiry. Do they have a backup pommel?
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always love the fabric over armour look :)
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Damn! I'm impressed!
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Pleasure to impress ^_^
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I love how the outfit covers everything; and is not skimpy, but still very attractive. Great job!
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Thank you. That was what I tried to do so I'm happy you think I achieved it.
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Yes, as a girl comic-book lover it's very refreshing to see heroines fully clothed instead of wearing next to nothing which is the norm. And the outfits you draw are great; if you go pro you might convince other artists (specifically those of the male gender) to stop drawing women who look like they've just stepped out of an S&M club.
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Well if I ever go pro I’ll be sure to try ^_^

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That would be cool. :D
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Very cool,the armour actually looks like it will provide protection.
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Thank you. It's funny how the function of armour is often forgotten in fantasy art ^_^
i dig the vestiments
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Me to ^_^

Glad you dig, keep on dig'n
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That's one hell of a cleric! I like it!
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