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Archknight Lyrah, mantle and sunforged armor

This is a concept piece for the Character Lyrah, Archknight of the Arch Order of Light, from my Novel, Shadow of the Conqueror:…
This depict her wearing the Archknight mantle and in her sunforged plate armor, which is slightly transparent. 
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wasn't expecting this she is beautiful

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Wait a minute. Could you make Sunforged armor out of thin glass? That would look amazing.
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Interesting is the lack of eye cut outs because of the transparency of sun forged objects?

Awesome art work!
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Does her sword have a name? I don't recall if it ever had one.

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Concept art! Yes!
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What kind of sword does she have?
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Man, I have got to get a copy of this book.
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Awesome seeing Lyra and her sunforged armor. Is it really that pink, might have overlooked that detail.

Easily my third favorite character.

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Did Jazza help you learn how to draw ?

Also I guess since the material used for her armour is somewhat translucid, it allows for a fully closed helm ? This could be a terrifying sight
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Both of them have always had an interest in both medieval stuff and drawing. It's just that Jazza is passionate about drawing and also likes medieval stuff whilst Shad is passionate about medieval stuff and also likes to draw.

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Thank you for the info, it makes things more clear
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Nice. I see some differences between your concept and the art on the book cover. You gave her green eyebrows and light-blue eyes whilst whoever designed the cover gave her red eyebrows and dark eyes. I do actually prefer the cover's design of her sword hilt over yours, it just looks really cool, however I will admit that your hilt looks far more functional than the one on the cover. I also like how much more prominent the archknight symbol is on your design of her than the cover one. On the cover you can't make out that it is the archknight symbol even with a magnifying glass but here it's presented proud and clear. One thing I noticed is that she's missing the buttons that fastens her cape on the front though which are present on the cover.

Speaking so much of the cover. Who illustrated it? I've been really curious about this but sadly it doesn't say anywhere in the book (that I can find at least) who illustrated the cover (something most other books would say) so I guess I'll have to ask you here. Who illustrated the cover Shad?

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Cover was done by Chris Mcgrath, he's an incredible artist.

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I'll have to look him up. Don't think I've heard about him before.

Ps. Yep, his art is truly amazing. Too bad I haven't read anything he's illustrated before.

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Good, I do have you in my watch list, I was wondering if I got around to doing that when I was thinking back on the youtube vid that mentioned you had this account.  One day I'll get around to acquiring and reading your books, but too much of my life is wasted on video games and desperately studying blender tutorials, so I can make money from 3d modeling.  I do got some questions though:

1) In the likely numerous fantasy/Sci-fi books/media that you've made (I haven't really combed through all your vids on youtube or content here on DA if that wasn't obvious already), have you ever explored how a fantasy universe would progress technologically or how the presence of magic would influence technological development, or how the presence of different fantasy creatures/races would shape society (kind of like the movie Bright with Will Smith only way more thought put into the world building and story telling)?

2) what do you think of the Doom slayer's Crucible in Doom Eternal or rather that style of blade either of fantasy/sci-fi, magical types or historical equivalents?  Is there a video in the works that may be analyzing it or have you already done that in some way?
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Spending too much time on doing other things won't be a problem when reading his book as it's such a good read you will start to set off time in your day just so you can continue reading, it's that good. I started doing this. Whenever I stopped reading it I just wanted to continue reading it as soon as possible so I set off about an hour as often a week as I could to reading the book and I would long for the time when I would get to read it again.

Also, your first question is basically a description of how Shadow of the Conqueror came to be formed into a question. Read the book and you will have your answer: Yes, yes he have. (Also, half of the videos on his YouTube channel is dedicated to discuss how fantasy elements such as magic and various creatures and races would affect a world.)

As for your second question, I don't think that's something he's covered yet.

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I have no doubt that the book is good, but for me, it would be a problem when I have to study something else especially when it's something I have to allocate brain power to commit to memory in order to utilize the skill later.

in hindsight, it does seem like a dumb question as I have seen many vids that touched on the mentioned subject.

the morning after I posted that question this video showed up in my feed
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Very nice to see how you personally envisioned her Shad. Loved the book and can't wait for the sequel/next in the series.

I'm a little curious about her helmet though.

Not having any eye-holes makes sense if the material is transparent, but "slightly transparent" doesn't quite say that that you can see clearly through it. Then again, if you consider "fully transparent" to count as "invisible", then even a few steps down from that would be workable, as long as it's not too murky.

In my mind I picture sunforged objects to be as transparent as modern-time window glass, only in different colors. 

But wouldn't a one-piece helmet 1) impair her hearing, 2) block/muffle her speech somewhat, and 3) get very hot, since air can only come in below the jaw area in this pic?
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Well since sunucles are basically indestructible anyways she might have forged it with the intent of seeing through the face plate instead of the intent of the face plate protecting her in which case she would probably see better with the face plate on than without the face plate due to the enhancing capabilities of sunucles in regards to their purpose.

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