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Ai stable diffusion SUPERGIRL start-finish



Not all Ai art is equal. There's a lot of low effort sludge out there, but the best Ai art, especially when wanting a specific result, takes a lot of effort and ability using the program. The final image took 53 rounds of edits from the initial generation and 4 hours work to get what I wanted. What did I want here? A realistic image of Supergirl and outfit looking like flexible sci-fi armor. I personally like the idea that superman/supergirl’s suits are Kryptonian and extremely durable, hence their clothes don’t get torn apart when they are shot or in super powered combat. Then if Kryptonian, they should look more sci-fi. Wanting this specific result, as well as a much higher quality image with more details, becomes very difficult requiring custom models and loras, copious amount of inpainting and fixes, and many manual edits in photoshop. Far more than even a well crafted prompt and a click.
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It's really funny to me that you criticize "Low Effort Sludge" because I cannot tell the difference between these two images you have posted.