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1. For a commission send me a private message, in which you explain your idea, references are welcome :)
2. If I accepted the idea, I will start with the sketch, only after I received the payment.
3. When I will show the sketch, we'll fix up details together, but once validated the sketch, will not be made ​​any additional changes, and I will go to color it :)
4. I send you finished work and I can submit it to my gallery, if you want a private commission you have to say before :).
5. The payment is only via PayPal :).
For now are open 3 slots.
          Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red Bullet; Blue PRICES Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red Bullet; Blue

1  character    25 USD dollars
2  characters  35 USD dollars
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Thank you to all the people who have supported me since I created this profile, all watchers, all those who have commented and favorite my drawings,
I love you all Beats (free avatar) 
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This is the first time I write something on my journal, and the very sad thing is I write about a bad news.
This why I had a uncomfortable discussion with a committent.
In this days a deviant asked me a point-commission, after we agreed on the payment, thing which ended up to be not easy,  I said that I would have given her the pic only after the payment and not before.
She accepted my condition.
I showed her the line art and after I started to color it.
Today when I finished the image,  I sent her a message in which informed her of the thing.
After some hours she sent me a messagge where said she wanted see the image before the payment, after a lot of messagges in which she insisted she wanted to see the picture before, because i could be a scammer, I pointed out, by copying and pasting  our private conversations, that she accepted the previous conditions, so she had to give me before the points, and then I would have given her the pic.
So she started to say that she didn't know HOW to give me the points, then she didn't know why she couldn't give me the points, (the system said ' not enough points').
So I said her: ' I understood I only lose my time'.
She sent another messagge in which said to open a poll donation, and that she had the points, and urged me to look at his personal page to verify it (what nonsense).
I opened a donation poll, and another pm appearse on my page, she said that only NOW she saw that had not enough points and apologized with me.
This thing has bothered me, so I told her that this was a premeditated plan, and that she was a scammer.
At this point,she insulted me, she said that i was an asshole and a scumbug.
So I lose all today and part of yesterday to make a drawing for a person that instead of thanking me, she insult me.

This is our whole conversation, so all of you can draw your own conclusions in an objective manner

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This is not an artistic work by Shablagoooo