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Dr. Gero is testing his new creation :).
Dr. Gero and 18 of Dragon Ball Z

Mira x Mavis x Erza by Shablagooo Lovely Dragon ball girls by Shablagooo Android 18 maid by Shablagooo Android 18 by Shablagooo
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Well... at some point the dude had to undress them to implant their electronic enhancements or some shit. So this is not too far from being canon as some other fanfics are. Him being a weirdo with 18 can be debated as he could have abducted dozens of other women for his pleasures. But nevermind me overthinking it!! this is Spicy and funny nonetheless XD:lol:

Sock’em 18
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Ah, I fear my design still needs improvements. Hold still while I perform some tests, 18.
More like 18+
HAHAHA! :rofl:
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:icondrgeroplz:: "They're... squishy? What the hell?! I specifically included in my simple instructions that there should be weapons everywhere! This is supposed to be a war machine not a glorified blow-up doll!"

:iconandroid17plz:: "Yeah sorry but we weren't gonna let that happen. After all, what's the point in having fun when you're always in discomfort?"

:icondrgeroplz:: "...Considering you're sīblings that's highly disturbing."

:iconandroid17plz:: "Hey what's wrong with me looking out for my sister? I mean, it's not like I wa-"

:icondrgeroplz:: "You know what? Just forget I even brought this up."
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Reading that in the abridged voices made this 1000x funnier
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i think gros bout to get an ass kicking
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This is why her brother murdered you the instant you woke them up, Gero
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Hit him! What an old pervert.
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Dr. Gero, mind if I help you test her, I mean it, out? Gotta make sure everything works and all . . .
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Testing testing. One, two, three
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Thats not how I see Number 18's boobs being. Her nipples are too large
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He draws everything in this style, dont take it personal
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LOL. Nice idea. :XD:
E 'sempre bene controllare la qualità del prodotto.
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Hehe :D, grazie mille :D.
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I knew he was a dirty old man... but, if I could do my own robots... I'd do the same.
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