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My Bio
Born in a provincial castle in Cagliostro, a small country of dubious geographic existence, I was then smuggled away as small child from the palace walls by traveling minstrels. Growing weary of my constant tirade of barbed witicisms, they abandoned me in a forest. Here a family of wolves took me in as their own. I spent many long years in their esteemed company, finally succumbing to a greater desire to see the world. I left them with my best wishes and a bottle of Cognac as a parting gift and set forth.

The journey would see me undertake stints as a shophand, bull fighter, amateur astronaut, T-shirt designer, ninja, jewelery store spruiker, professional thief, jedi knight, umbrella tester, bullshit artist and cruiser-weight kick boxer. After years of nomadic wanderings, I settled in Brisbane and took the post of ASLAV crewman so as to provide adequate protection to Shoalwater Bay from ever-invading hordes of communists and pseudo-nazi targetry.

Watch this space, surely at some point the truth will be interesting enough to replace the above nonsense.

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvidor Dali
Favourite Movies
Inglourious Basterds
Favourite TV Shows
Iron Chef
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Doors
Favourite Writers
Hunter S Thompson
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBox 360
Tools of the Trade
Nikon D90
Other Interests
Hiking, mountaineering, squash, photography, writing

Entry the Fifth

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It's been a long time between drinks for this journal. Unfortunately, whilst I was deployed overseas, Deviant Art was one of the blocked sites on the internet... Go figure. I captured a few decent images during my trip, some of which will appear on here before to long. I focused not only on still but on film also, using the time to compile a short video. I haven't been back for long but I have returned to hiking and climbing and may take a few more shots while doing these sort of activities. With my discharge from the Army imminent, I move on to the next chapter of my life. In February 2013, I begin my mountaineer guide course. This course
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Diploma complete. Distinction average, gotta be happy with that!! Taking a few random Military shots here and there but nothing serious. I'm confirmed to be heading overseas on operational deployment early next year, so that should provide some new and exciting subject matter. I'll also be shooting my first solo effort at wedding photography next week. Fingers crossed.
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Entry the Third

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I am so close to finishing my diploma it just isn't funny. Once completed, I don't see myself having a lot of time in the coming 12 months for much photography. Having said that, If sent overseas I may be in a unique position to get some operational military shots. Fingers crossed. We'll just have to see where photography takes me when I get home. I honestly don't see myself making a full time career out of it, but it could prove to be a healthy side project which may swing some coin my way, but I'd be happier with praise and adulation to be honest.
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Hey guys, thanks for all the favourites and watches!!
I'd send you all a thank you but it would take a while...
Hey, I have just started a Facebook group for my photography. If you're on Facebook then could you please drop my page a like? It would mean a lot: [link]
Hey, just checking in with all my watchers, hope you're okay? :)
Just letting you know I have Twitter if you wish to follow me: [link]
Thank you very much for the watch :)
Thanks for the FAV!
Have fun dude :D