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The Howling Keep of Pumori

By Shabazik
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The Howling Keep of Hel by ShabazikThe Howling Keep of Freya by ShabazikThe Howling Keep of Pumori by Shabazik
The Village of Howls around the Howling Keep, under the rule of the werewolf chieftain Pumori White Fang, before the palisade of the perimeter was reeplaced by a stone curtain wall.

The original huts were demolished, and the Howling Keep, repaired and extended as was as well digged a ditch, material they used to build a motte, over which was built a tower, being used the courtyards of the motte to raise arrowbirds for the clan leader.

Aside of the Howling Keep, the only other two significative buildings, one by the side of another: the two store tavern of Howls, and the Customs House of the Dark Legion, used for taxation.

The village was built in a rather disperse, loose way, surrounded by the palisade, as there was orchards within Howls, but as well importantly, in case of an attack it was a place for the farmers and inhabitants of the region to take refugee with their animals, or as well in case of war, a place for the armies of the White Fang and Mondwargh to camp as they gathered.

Until later construction of stronger stone curtain walls, Howls wouldn't be a very formidable fortification.

was a Werewolf settlement located in Polforia, founded around the Howling Keep of the White Fang. It was founded around 2435 AaH, and destroyed in The Cataclysm of 2675 AaH.

The Howling Keep

Around 2410, under the rule of Hel the Oathbreaker, the White Fang werewolf pack settled in an old abandoned castro in the border area of Mondwargh, Brûm and Polforia. She used the Keep as a base of power to reign over the lands of the White Fang, although her choice for the Howling Keep also was linked to her growing paranoia. Despite using the Keep as a fortified position, the pack did nothing to maintain it under Hel: part of the fortress walls were ruined, and much of the court and rooms were in a derelict state, making it unfit as a fortified defence position.

Following Hel's defeat in 2431, her successor and daughter Freya White Fang decided to retain the Howling Keep as a den for the pack. For a number of years, the Howling Keep was minimally maintained, only used for part of the year as a refuge.

The Founding of Howls

Around 2435, the White Fang permanently moved in to the Howling Keep, as trade with the neighbouring Kanov and Ozcura tribes increased, turning the Keep into a trading post. With the onset of the Second War of the Power, the Keep became an important military fortress as well as a trading post, and not only was the Keep itself expanded and rebuilt, but on the lands surrounding it a small settlement began to grow.  Especially the influx of slaves following the White Fang's involvement in the Fall of Roccasone led to a large-scale expansion of the settlement surrounding the Howling Keep.

Over the following years, as the War continued to wage in the West, the settlement around the Howling Keep continued to grow as both trade and troops flowed through the settlement. Many of the temporary structures from the early days of the settlement were either reinforced, extended or replaced by permanent structures, and slowly, the ramshackle collection of huts became an organised village.

Around 2445, the name Howls made its first appearance in an official document addressed to the city of Skallgard, when a request was made for the transfer of a large number of slaves for repairs to the Howling Keep itself, as well as for the construction of a stone defence wall around the settlement. A reluctant Laisha approved the transfer of a hundred human slaves, including, at the request of the White Fang, many children. Later documents sent from Howls to Skallgard report how most of the slaves died as a result of the hard labour regime they were submitted to, and how the few survivors were later executed for reasons of security after the completion of these works. A fierce flurry of accusations of foul play from Laisha against the White Fang's Alpha Pumori of the White Fang followed, countered by accusations from Pumori's side how the slaves provided by Laisha were of poor health, poorly skilled and undedicated to their task. Following this episode, the White Fang soon developped its own skills at building stone masonry, consisting of about a hundred specialised builders by 2450.


Although nominally a White Fang settlement, Howls was a city with a very diverse population, consisting of numerous races and racial mixes.

During most of the year, the mayority of the Howls population was compossed of Kanovs, followed by minorities of elves, humans and  the rulers of Howls, werewolves. While was considered a werewolf city, due the werewolf habits, for most of the year they wandered in the territory of the White Fang, and only in special circunstances they will be the majority of the population.

Millbridge by ShabazikThe Fortress of Helgast by ShabazikBandit's nest by Shabazik

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I love the different frame showing the growth and advancement of the fort to a castle and shire. The realism of the town and streets is also fascinating.

I have to say the same for your Millbridge series.
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From the map I see potential ambush sites should an enemy break through the wooden palisades before reaching the keep proper.  Especially if well constructed tunnels are put in to get people from key points within the settlement to someplace else to shore up the defense.  Well played!
This style can potentially be illustration for historical lessons. Children will love and be quick to understand things!
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well, indeed I have used it -not telling them originally was meant for fantasy-, as an example how some cities developed! : D
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Nice work on this ^^
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A werewolf city ? That's very new thing !

Seems like another time of playing tourist to get in the city
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''' Excuse me dear sir; is this city has any vampires and has a place to spend money ? '''

''' vampires ? Get the hell ou... Spending money ? Welcome ! Well; come in ! ''
looks like a few centuries skipped since the previous pic
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It was around 20-30 years, it had an explosive growth!
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Amazing what can happen with a little time, effort, and successful trading routes.
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Would be awesome if I can make this in MC :)
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very cool! you give your world a very deep and complex backstory!
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I'm in love with these maps, I really am, very pumped up to try my hand at one x3
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So much impressive work, to draw all those trees and fiddly details, and then to color all of them.  Nice job!
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