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Millbridge, 2440 a.a.H

Millbridge, 2203 a.a.H by ShabazikMillbridge, 2265 a.a.H by ShabazikMillbridge, 2390 a.a.H by ShabazikMillbridge, 2408 a.a.H by ShabazikMillbridge, 2419 a.a.H by ShabazikMillbridge, 2440 a.a.H by Shabazik
The City of Millbridge, at the beginning of the Second War of the Power, in the Sargos Campaign, 2440 a.a.H, at the eve of the Second War of The Power campaign of Sargos.

Millbridge, which had been the capital of Sargos and florished under King Don Camilo II The Magnificent of the Union Sargos-Degoland, will suffer a siege and sacking at the end of the Sargonic Wars, marking the fall of Millbridge the end of these conflicts at the 2419 a.a.H: Despise it's status as capital, aside of the King's Keep, it lacked more extense defenses, and despise the costs of the previous war, the municipality of Millbridge began an ambitious plan of fortifications, building the curtain wall of the city and completing the walls of the Old City.

With the return of the Huneeus Dinasty to the Throne of Sargos, while the King Camilo III didn't lived in the King's Keep -prefeering his summer castle in Degoland-, he destined resources not only to finish the fortification proyects of the municipality of Millbridge, but as well to repair the King's Keep, the Mill Bridge and to finish the Castle of the Kingsmill:

So, while by the Campaign of Sargos Millbridge fortifications weren't finished -still needing to finish some of the battlements and to dig the channel of the curtain wall-, the city was much more prepared for a Siege than 21 years ago.

As the Dark Legion armies marched to the Osorio, the Sargonic tried to cut off all the bridges of the river, exception being made to the new bridge of Millbridge; as they hoped to keep the enemy at bay with the fluvial navy.

As other preparation, they burned down the shacks of the "Guts" just out of the walls.

The Map of Millbridge at the 2440 a.a.H, with legends:
Millbridge - Leyends 2440

The Battle of Millbridge map, the same year -2440 a.a.H-:
Millbridge - Battle of Millbridge

Still a work in progress, editing an older pic, to show it's stage by the Sargos Campaign in the second war of the power. Still need to finish drawing the curtain wall, houses, the near fields and threes, the Elferie and the poorer neighborhoods.
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Hello Shabazik,

I'm a dongeon Master and I literally fall in love of your imagiation city. This is very nice.

My player play in this city, and I have just one question for you, I see in the top a begenning of moat, like as the bottom of this city, I see wall construction in North-West, and more... And I would like to know if you're working for more level-up of this city or not ?

I see in your end description, they have "Still a work in progress", but is it still revelant ?

Thanks for your work and happy new year ;D

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Indeed, I forgot to remove the "still work in progress part"! Not going to do other lever of development of the city!

Okay so bad, thanks a lot and happy new year

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will there be more?
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J'adore cette ville.
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The living history of Millbridge. Loving this!
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Like this series, showing how a city grows over time.
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Hey Shabazik I have been a long time fan and I got a quick question for you. I was planning on using the piece to show a city where my D&D party is going and I was curious if you had a population for the place?
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... thought answered this long ago?

Officaly, the population would be some 20,000 inhabitants: hoewer, clearly in this image can't live that much people.

Counting the avaible housing, there can live some 5,000 persons more or less, according to what I calculated.
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I so like your series about a city who evolve and change with time! That's show your interest for geography and history to understand how villages become town and cities. Nice job.
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Many thanks Brother of Steel!
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Why is that one section at the bottom edge walled off?
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This isa city in a fantasy world, where aside of humans there are other peoples, be orcs, ogres, dwarfs and elves for example.

What you are looking at is the "elferie":

In a society segregated by species, races and religion, humans of Sargos -the name of the kingdom- often discriminated, blamed or ursuited non-humans, branded by stereotypes. 

Initiated as a measure understood to protect the non-humans -specially the elves, considered civilized, unlike orcs for example-, kings ordered that elves should live in walled districts of the cities, to avoid masacres, thievery and persecution of the human majority toward the elven minority:

however, this will result in the creation of ghetos, marginalization and further discrimination. 
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Better prepared than last time. This outta teach those bastards whose boss.
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When I can, I look forward for a negotiation with the king himself on any of my fiction OCs
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From start to now, that looks awesome. I love the progression.
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