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Loranor Cub

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Published: January 11, 2015
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Hunters and Preys by Shabazik

In the Enchanted Forest of Ded in Polforia, a Loranor huntress, after checking the surroundings, decided it was safe enough. She then took out from her pack a blanket, which she left on the floor. Then, making a gesture to the foliage, she called her daughter, which she ordered to sit in the blanket.

"Soon, we will be visiting a Brûmer trade post. As you know, normally we trade them furs, feathers and meat of animals we have hunted... but as well in our family, we trade some cloths and clothes: if well done, they can interest the traders and change them for some good iron, and speartips!" as she talked to her daughter, she took out of her backpack some needles, wool and yarns: many of them traded, of bright and wonderful colours.

"So, now listen to me, as it's time for you to learn this side business..." but then, as she looked to her daughter, she saw she have lost her: the colourful yarn clearly had much more attention to the young Loranor pup than her words. The mother rolled her eyes.

"hey! I'm talking to you!"

But, all was lost. The daughter was now too busy playing with the yarn. The mother sighed, before deciding she needed herself a break, as she look into some others colourful balls of yarn in her backpack...

A Loranor it's the name of the Cat-people of the World-of-Aiers, my fantasy setting.

Was answering a lot of the old messages -I had at the beginning of the month some 1600 messages, and have reduced them to some 480, but most of them are more than a year old so I wonder if I answer them at all or not- when I saw in my halloween pic, that :iconmorgothmelkor: had safety concerns for Loranor Pups.

Trick-or-Raiding by Shabazik

:iconmorgothmelkor: : "
Im not sure if Im happy for the cuteness of the little ozcurilla or sad for the necessary death of a Loranor pup for that suit Oh Noes!"

:iconshabazik: : "Nah: she is just dressed in costume as a warrior, her clothes aren't actually of one: so her costume isn't made actually of a Loranor pup Meow :3"

:iconmorgothmelkor: : "That doesnt sound too convincing! I still have doubts about that and demand pics of living, playing, happy-being loranor pups to ensure their safety! Meow :3 "

All because I didn't added a foot note to say: "No Catgirls where harmed during the creation of this pic"...

So this is actually the reason why was on a "catgirl" theme in the last drawings I have done. XD

Edit 18.01.2017: I don't know why this pic was so washed up -back then there was some problems in dA I think?- so I fixed lights and shadows.

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highwindwarrior1988Hobbyist General Artist
Lets look around on DA, seems like a good idea. See some awsome mecha fighting pics and the like. *Sees this pic* I may have or may not have let out a squee a little... (-2 man points have been lost) Why you this to me Shabazik!? lol
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Let me just get out my red dot laser...
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Sandvichguy1Hobbyist General Artist
Kitty! Kitty begging 
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KennyMcCormixHobbyist General Artist
N'awww, the little kitty! :meow:
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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
So cute
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highwindwarrior1988Hobbyist General Artist
GAH! The cuteness is to much!!!
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Alexi-CProfessional Filmographer
I know an Alorian royal who would love such a creature.
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Emillie-Wolf Traditional Artist
Oooooooooooooooooooh ! He's so cuuuuuuuuuute !! ^^
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Pup?  You mean kitten, right?
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Cub. I meant Cub. I should fix this.
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