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Just don't
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Published: October 16, 2013
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“Just don’t”


“Just don’t do it”

“I’m not doing anything!”

“You are doing it right now!”

“I’m not!” protested the daughter.

“Yes you are!” said the mother. “You are feeding the troll!”

The zaghäl dark elf girl looked to her iced cone, then to her mother, and to the Troll of the Gate.

“The poor fuzzy and large thing is hungry!” she pouted.

“You just don’t feet the trolls dear. And as well, these ice cones aren’t cheap. They need to bring the snow from the mountains, you know? I didn’t bought you one, so you give it to the first thing you see on our way home!

“Why not?” she asked, still with her iced cone pointed toward the troll, who was looking at it with his small, greedy eyes.

“It’s a base of domesticating trolls” her mother explained. “Trolls are always hungry, and they will always be. But if a master provide them with food on determined hours, the trolls stomachs get used to be feed at said opportunities. If they begin to eat out of these hours, and not from food provided by their master, soon all the domestication work will be lost, and as they stomachs began to claim for food in other times of the day, trolls will get hungry and violent…”

The little dark elven girl already stopped hearing her mother. “here Mr. Gate Troll!” she said, as she gave the iced cone to the troll guard.

“What did I just said to you?!!” yelled the mother.

“But Mr. big and fuzzy was hungreeeeee” said the dark elf girl with a grin. Her mother rolled her eyes.

“What they should really do, is to write in big, coloured letters feed the troll. That would be the only way people actually stop feeding them” she said. “let’s go. You have witch lessons now.”

A moment from life in the City of the Wicked of Zaghäl.

Elf War Witch by ShabazikFaceless One by ShabazikFaceless Ones by ShabazikTroll  Bridge blackguard by ShabazikTroll with Healthy Breakfast by ShabazikHalf Troll and Goblin by Shabazik
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We all should know not to feed the troll. XD
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The story behind this pic, so adorable!
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If only internet trolls could be domisticated so easily.....
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Just so wonderfully cute.
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Empress-Of-RavensHobbyist Writer
I am getting ideas.  Never a good thing.  At any rate, have you received my test note?  I sent it to you earlier today in hopes that you are still getting my notes.  Let me know if you did or not.

On another note, does everyone in this city wear masks?  Or is it just the ozcuras?
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Everybody wear masks - see the dark elf and troll mask-. Normally they are used in public, which is specially imposed to "lesser creatures" as the ozcuras, Orcs and others servants. For the dark elven rulers is less an obligation, but is commonly done, and everybody have their own masks.

Note received
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Empress-Of-RavensHobbyist Writer
Interesting.  Hmm...  Judging from the map, this city is far to the north of Negeémiliel.  Is there any trade going on between the two?
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yes, BUT for you to know: this city will be builded the 2476 a.a.H,  which is about 40 years later in relation to the Dahl'Arak coup and other events around in Negeémiliel!

Zaghäl will be founded as part of an alliance between dark elves and the dark legion, to gather the more magical-inclined dark elves of all kinds, so there will be even many Negeémi inmigrants -and of other drow and Hake cities all over Aiers!-

more info here:
Elf War Witch by Shabazik
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Empress-Of-RavensHobbyist Writer
OK. When do the demons contact Negeemiliel? Was it before or after the coup?
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It's not so easy; before the first WA of the power, it was a populist dictator who made an alliance with demons to become Queen Vrinn I of Negeemiliel.

She was killed during the war, and her generals couldn't keep the regency for her daughter, and the negeemi Republican institutions where reinstalled -largely by the senatorials-

General Dahl'Arak ., being a senatorial and with a bad personal experience, is no friend with demons, so while Negeiliel will be shortly contacted after the return of demons, but she delayed any answer, and it wouldn't be until much later in the war that Negeemiliel was "convinced" to enter again in the dark legion - for more of the quuen of Negeemiliel, see the wiki
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Empress-Of-RavensHobbyist Writer
Interesting. I may have to work some references to that into the story...
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some links to:

Queen Vrinn I :…

The Errant Queen, Vrinn II…
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child with vannilla cream !
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NiriburHobbyist Digital Artist
Just... DON'T feed the Troll!

I have to say though that this Troll appears very friendly if not kindhearted looking. (or maybe he just is happy about the Icecream he is offered?) Mom looks very concerned however. And the amount of small details here (the Masks, Clothings, engravings on the walls etc) ... is just stunning.
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Dooon't do it little one! D:>

Troll is happy of being feed. XD

Many thanks Niribur!!
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Very, very good picture. It made in your new style but not so dark as others.  I like all these shades of grey. 
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Many thanks Savachika!!!
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I wanna see little drow girls having "witch lessons" xD
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