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Demanding head pats

By Shabazik
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Character  KatyaCharacter  Reevan the JesterLocation  Aiers
The beginning of Reevan the Jester:
Sold to the Circus

Previously, on Reevan the Jester: 

Snake Attack! by Shabazik

The tend shook by the loud snoring of Momma Lullubelle. The orc matron surely knew how to make a show, or so thought Reevan as she failed to fall asleep. She shared the tent with the other goblinoid women of the Andlielle's brothers, yet she could swear she hadn't ever heard anybody snore as Momma Lullubelle. And that was including Jan, the Ogre of the circus.

Then, she heard somebody slip by into the tent.


Edit 19.09.2020:  Finished drawing, but not the story, so work in progress!

Katya demanding all the attention.

One of the sketches originally meant for AAAAugust -:iconarnilo:'s Animal Anthro August-, but not finished in time!

Circus Beasts by Shabazik
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Well the only thing I haven't seen her do is knock glasses of tables and show people her butt. The latter may not be as bad as when an actual cat does it.

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I use to hear my father's snores from his bedroom at one end of the house to mine at the other end. How mom put up with it for nearly fifty years is beyond me.

But both are gone, so God has to deal with it up in heaven now.

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The sound of snoring must be horrific in that room.

cullyferg2010's avatar

As it's a tent, it must be funny to watch the side draw in then blow out.

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Gg there sir and pet the kitteh
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such a cute scene.

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Pet kitty.....make kitty purr. Maybe drown out snoring mama.

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Super adorable scene. Reevan without her hat! Kat probably head-butting Reevan as she gets head pats!

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Aww, Katya's pouty, looks like she's had a tough day. v_v

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she looks so comfy!

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Needs more attention. Moar!

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